CBSE Class 6 Science Fun with Magnets MCQs Set A

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13 Fun with Magnets

1. A substance which retains its magnetic properties for a long period is called a ____ 

a. magnetic substance 

b. non‐magnetic substance 

c. temporary magnet 

d. permanent magnet 

2. The north pole of the earth's magnet is near the geographical ____.   

a. West 

b. East 

c.  North 

d. South 

3. In ancient times rocks containing magnets are called_________ 

a. Magnet 

b. Magnetite 

c.  Iron 

d. freeze 

4.  A paper clip hanging in air; the possible reason could be: 

    Class 6 Science MCQs-Fun with Magnets

a. Black magic 

b. There is a magnet in the paper cup 

c.  There is water in the cup 

d. The water in the cup is hot 

5. The substances that get attracted towards a magnet are called_______ 

a. Magnetic 

b. Non magnetic 

c.  Transparent 

d. luminous 

6. Maximum iron filings stick in the _____of a bar magnet when it is brought near them. 

a.  Ends 

b.  Middle 

c.  Neither end nor middle 

d. All around equally 

7. The statue of a lady on the chariot of the emperor Hoang Ti, rests in such a position  that its extended arm always point towards ____ direction 

a.  Easy 

b.  West 

c.   North 

d.  south 

8. Like poles _________ 

a. Repel 

b. Merge 

c.  Dissolve 

d. Attract  

9. A magnet does not lose its property if it is __________. 

a. Heated 

b. Hammered  

c.  Dropped from a height 

d. Wetted with water 

10.  A magnet was brought from different directions towards a toy boat that has been floating in water in a tub. Boat moves towards the magnet if North Pole of the magnet is brought near its head. 

a. Boat is fitted with a magnet with north pole towards its head 

b. Boat is fitted with a magnet with south pole towards its head 

c.  Boat has a small magnet fixed along its length 

d. Boat is made up non‐magnetic material 

11. A rectangular piece of iron can be magnetized by rubbing it with 

a. A magnet from one end to the other end several times using both the poles alternatively. 

b. A magnet from one end to the other end several times using same pole of the magnet. 

c.  Another piece of iron several times 

d. The back of the pencil several times



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