CBSE Class 6 Science Electricity And Circuit MCQs Set B

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12 Electricity and Circuits 

1. A bulb does not glow when a/an ____ is used in the place of a switch. 

a.  Iron nail 

b.  Matchstick 

c.  Aluminum 

d. copper 

2. Which of the following pairs consist of a conductor and an insulator of electricity? 

a. Wood and wool 

b.  Copper and steel 

c.  Silver and gold 

d.  Silver and rubber 

3. Plastic, wood and Bakelite are some good ____ of electricity. 

a.  Absorbers 

b.   Conductors 

c.   Insulators 

d.  reflectors 

4. Electrical wires and parts of electrical appliances are covered with ____

a. Silver  b. Copper  c.  Gold  d. plastic

5. Materials, which do not allow electricity to pass through them easily, are called ____ of electricity. 

a. Deflectors 

b. Insulators 

c.  Conductors 

d. Absorbers 

6. ____ allow electric current to pass through them. 

a.  Absorbers 

b.  Insulators 

c.  Conductors 

d.  Deflectors 

7. Which of the following is an insulator? 

a. Silver 

b. Iron 

c.  Copper 

d. Rubber 

8. Metals are ____ of electricity. 

a.  Absorber 

b. Conductors 

c.  Insulators 

d. Deflectors 

9. When the switch of an electric torch is in ON position electric current flows from the electric cell to the filament of an electric bulb due to which it gets ____ and the bulb ____. 

a. cooled, does not glow 

b. heated, does not glow 

c.  heated, glows 

d.  cooled, glows 

10. The second thick wire of the filament of an electric bulb is connected to a metal tip along the ____ side of the metal cover at the base of the bulb. 

a. Conducting 

b.  Insulating 

c.  Short 

d.  long 

11. A bulb in a closed circuit at times may not glow. Which of the following is not a  cause for not glowing of the bulb? 

a.  Connecting wires are made of wool. 

b.  Energy of the cell in the circuit is completely exhausted. 

c.   There may be a loose contact between the parts. 

d.  The bulb is not fused. 

12. An electric cell produces electricity from the _____ stored inside it. 

a. Current  

b. Energy 

c.  Chemicals  

d. Light  



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