CBSE Class 6 Science Getting to know plants MCQs Set B

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L1: Getting to know plants

1) The plants which have branches at the base are -----

a) Herbs b) Shrubs c) Creepers d) Trees

2) Which plant is the example of a herb?

a) Mango b) China rose c) Wheat d) None

3) A plant with weak stem is ----

a) Mint b) Sunflower c) Lemon d) China rose

4) The plant which takes the support of the neighbouring structures and climbs up is ----?

a) Tree b) Shrub c) Creeper d) Climber

5) The part of plant which grows above the ground is ----?

a) Shoot system b) Root system c) both a & b d) None

6) The part of the stem in between two successive nodes is ----?

a) Pistil b) Root c) Node d) Internode

7) The root, stem leaves constitute the --- part of the plant body?

a) Vegetative b) Reproductive c) Both a & b d) None

8) Flowers, Fruits & Seeds constitute the ---- part of the plant body?

a) Vegetative b) Reproductive c )Both a & b d)None

9) The part of the plant which prevents soil erosion is?

a) Stem b) Flower c) Root d) Leaves

10) Banana has ------- roots.

a) Tap b) Lateral c) Fibrous d) None

11) Which of the following has tap root?

a) Wheat b) Mango c)Tulsi d) Both a & b

12) Shoot system develops from ----- of the baby plant or embryo?

a) Cotyledons b) Roots c) Callus d) plumule

13) Example of an incomplete flower is ----?

a) Pea b) China rose c) Date palm d)Mustard

14) When a flower has all the sets of whorls it is described as ------ flower.

a) Complete b) Incomplete c) Zygomorphic d) Actinomorphic

15) ------- bud helps in length wise growth of the plant.

a) Apical b) Axillary c) Both a & b d) None

16) Branches grow from - - - - - - - - -

a) Roots b) Apical Buds c) Axillary Buds d) Stem

17) The ----------------- is the strongest part in a tree.

a) Stem b) Root c) Trunk d) None

18) Which of the following is a stem?

a) Turnip b) Onion c) Radish d) Carrot

19) The region of attachment of the leaf with the stem is called the ----------------

a) Petiole b) Lamina c) Leaf margin d) Leaf Base

20) --------------- is a flowering plant with no leaves

a) Cuscuta b) Coleus c) Pistia d) Pea

21) Stomata help in -----------------

a) Respiration b) Photo Synthesis c) Transpiration d) All of the above

22) A plant with variegated leaves is --------------------

a) Pea b) Balsam c) Coleus d) Cuscuta

23) The food prepared by leaves is stored as -------------------

a) Starch b) Sugars c) Proteins d) Fats

24) The other name for ovary is--------.

a) Stamen b) Pistil c) Carpel d)Stigma

25) Pollen grains are produced in ------? 

a) Flower b) Ovaries c) Anthers d) Fruits





1)b  2)c  3)a  4)d 5 )d  6)a  7)b  8)c  9)c  10)d  11)d  12)c  13)a  14)a  15)a  16)c  17)c  18)b  19)d  20)a  21)d  22)c  23)a  24)c  25)c



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