CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Value Based Questions

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CBSE Class 9 Mathematics Value Based Questions. Value based questions are very important and always form part of examinations and class tests. Students are requested to download the VBQs and practice them to get better marks in examinations. 


A survey was conducted on 200 drivers in a particular city to record the number of accidents in a month. The objective of the survey was to find a relationship between age and accidents. The data obtained are given in the following table:



 Find the probabilities of the following events for a driver chosen at random from the city:

(a) being 18 – 30 years of age and having 2 or more than 2 accidents in a month

(b) Being 30 – 50 yrs of age and having 1 or more accidents in a month

(c) Above 50 yrs of age and having no accidents in a month (1 + 1 + 1)


(d) What values should be imbibed by the driver to minimize the number of accidents (1mark)


·  Patience

·  Calm and composed

·  Responsibility

·  Respecting law and order

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