CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set Z

CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set Z.Sample Papers are the very important for every student. The sample papers should be practiced to gain extra marks in examinations. The sample papers have been prepared based on summative assessment1 and summative assessment 2 pattern. The sample papers have been prepared based on pattern of last year examinations and as per latest changes in the syllabus. Students, teachers and parents can download all CBSE educational material and very well prepared worksheets from this website.  All CBSE educational material is developed by our panel of teachers, have also been submitted by CBSE teachers and students. 


Q1. Who discovered magnetic effect of current for the first time? 1

Q2. Name the device used to check heart beat of humans. 1

Q3. Name any two parts of plants through which vegetative propagation is carried out? 1

Q4. Name 2 fleshy fruits and 2 dry fruits. 2

Q5. Name any two devices where heating effect of electric current is used. 2

Q6. Name the structures containing female gamete and male gamete in plants. 2

Q7. State any two factors determining the amount of heat produced in a wire. 2

Q8. Name two types of vascular tissues present in plant and explain their functions. 3

Q9. a) What is pollination? 3

b) Differentiate between self and cross pollination

Q10. State 3 uses of electromagnet in our daily lives. 3

Q11. Differentiate between the following (one point each) 3

a) Sexual and asexual reproduction

b) Auricles and ventricles

c) Excretion and transportation 

Q12. Define the following: 3

a) Seed dispersal

b) Fertilization

c) Pulse rate

Q13. Name the mode of reproduction in the following organisms: 3

a) Rhizopus

b) Spirogyra

c) Yeast

Q14.Give reasons: 3

a) White patches are formed on our clothes in summer.

b) Maple and drumstick have winged seeds.

c) Spectacles and telescopes have lenses placed in them

Q15. a )What is transpiration? 3

b) State any 2 uses of transpiration.

Q16. Name the following: 3

a) Type of image that can be obtained on a screen.

b) Name the disc used to show that white light is made up of 7 colors.

c) An upright image.

Q17. a) What is the role of capillaries in our body? 3

b) State 2 differences between arteries and veins.

Q18. 1) Draw symbols for the following electrical components: 3

a) Bulb

b) Switch open

c) Wire

d) Battery

2) Why does the bulb glow in a circuit?

Q19. Name the mirrors used for the following: 3

a) At sharp bends or turns in parking areas and hilly areas

b) Car headlight

c) In shaving mirror

Q20. a) Explain the flow of blood through human heart with the help of a diagram. 3 b) Name the muscular organ that act as pump in our body. How partitions between its chambers are useful? 2

Q21.a) Draw human excretory system and label its 4 parts 3 b) Name any 2 excretory products of human and how they are eliminated 2

Q22. a) Name 4 agents that facilitate pollination in plants 2

b) Give examples for the following 1

1. Seeds that open with sudden jerk.

2. Floating seed

c) Why is seed dispersal favorable for plants? 1

d) How can spores survive for along time? 1

Q23.a) What do you understand by the term reflection of light? 1

b) State any one unique feature of light. 1

c) How is word AMBULANCE written in front of ambulance van and why? 1

d) What type of image is formed by plane mirror? (state two characteristics) 2

Q24. a) Is magnifying glass a concave or convex lens? State its one use. 2

b) What is an electric fuse? State any two properties of wire that can be used to make an electric fuse. 3


MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS: (each question carries 1 mark) 18 MARKS

Q25.Mode of nutrition in Spirogyra is:

a) Autotrophic b) Heterotrophic c) Parasitic d) Both a and b

Q26.How many images of a candle will be formed if it is placed between two parallel plane mirrors separated by 40 cm?

a) 40 b) 80 c) infinite d) 0

Q27. Mixture of water and charcoal can be separated from each other by performing

a) Filtration b) Distillation c) Condensation d) Freezing

Q28.Function of spores in Rhizopus:

a) Pollination b) Reproduction c) Fertilization d) Transportation 

Q29.Angle of incidence is equal to angle of reflection.

a) always b) sometimes c) underspecial condition d) never

Q30.Third hyphae in Rhizopus apart from rhizoids and stolon is

a) Roots b) Sporangiophore c) Spores d) Columella

Q31.Spirogyra belongs to the group:

a) Fungi b) Algae c) Animals d) both a and b

Q32.Strength of electromagnet depends upon:

a) number of turns b) amount of current c) material used d) all of these

Q33.Spiral shape structure present in spirogyra is:

a) nucleus b) chloroplast c) cytoplasmic strand d) pyrenoid

Q34.Habitat of rhizopus is

a) bread b) leather c) soil d) both a and b

Q35.Evaporation and condensation in distillation are

a) Physical processes b) chemical processes c) both a and b d) biological processes

Q36.Which of the following materials give rise to reflection when a beam of light strikes on them

a) Polished wooden table b) mirror c) marble floor d) all of the above

Q37.A person 1m in front of a plane mirror seems to be ………. m away from his image

a)1 m b) 2m c) 3m d) 4m

Q38.When water is evaporated in a beaker containing copper sulphate ,what will left in the beaker

(a) Water

(b) Copper sulphate salt

(c) Solid copper

(d) No residue

Q39. Distillation is defined as

(a) Process of separating two substances from a mixture involving evaporation and condensation.

(b) Process of separating two substances from a mixture involving evaporation only

(c) Process of separating two substances from a mixture involving condensation only

(d) None of above

Q40. An electromagnet is an example of:

a)Temporary magnet b)permanent magnet c) both a and b d) bar magnet

Q41.Common salt used by us is

(a) Amorphous and soluble in water

(b) Amorphous and insoluble in water

(c) Crystalline and soluble in water

(d) Crystalline and insoluble in water

Q42. Sulphur is

(a) Yellow and insoluble in water

(b) White and insoluble in water

(c) Yellow and soluble in water

(d) White and soluble in water


1. Scientists have created a polymer film that can generate electricity from…………… to power micro and nanaoelectric devices.

2. Name the new gene discovered that could lead to new varieties of staple crops with 50% higher yield.

3. Full form of IUCN

4. Name the fibre that looks and acts like a cotton thread and conducts electricity and heat like a metal wire.

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