CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set G

CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set G. It’s always recommended to practice as many CBSE sample papers as possible before the examinations. The latest sample papers have been designed as per the latest blue prints, syllabus and examination trends. Sample papers should be practiced in examination condition at home or school and also show it to your teachers for checking or compare with the answers provided. Students can download the sample papers in pdf format free and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for latest sample papers.

1 How is the Carbon dioxide from air taken into the plants for photosynthesis? 

2 When is world water day celebrated? Why is it celebrated? 

3 What is the normal body temperature in Celsius scale? 

4 Amoeba is a microscopic single celled animal that constantly changes its shape and forms finger like projections. What are these projections called? How do they help the amoeba?

5 A hot saturated solution of sugar turns into a solid mass of sugar piece at the base when we keep it undisturbed for sometime. Name the phenomenon taking place. Write two uses of this phenomenon.

6 Give one word for the following:-

a. Standard Unit of time.

b. An ancient time measuring device.

c. A device that shows the speed of a car.

d. Time taken for one complete oscillation of a simple pendulum.

7 Discuss the role of following parts during digestion

a) Intestinal Villi. b) Salivary Glands. c) Liver.

8 Name the following

a)A parasitic plant.

b) Part of the plant that are regarded as the food factories.

c) An edible fungus.

d) Bacterium found in root nodules of leguminous plants.

e) Substance used for testing presence of starch in leaf.

f) Slimy green patches found in ponds and stagnant water.

9 With reference to the organism ‘Lichens’ answer the followingi)

Name the two partners found in them

ii) What is the nature of association found between them?

iii) How do the two partners benefit each other?

10 Give reason for the following:

a) We feel cramps in our muscles after heavy exercise.

b) The gills of fishes are richly supplied with blood capillaries.

c) A potted plant dies if it is overwatered.

11 ‘Construction of dams is a multi – purpose project’.Give three reasons in support of the statement.

12 Explain the various stages in the life cycle of silk moth with the help of a well labeled diagram 3

13 An element ‘X’ is used to make grills and windows.It is observed that brown flaky substance

gets deposited over it after sometime due to a process ‘Y’.

i- Name the element ‘X’ and the process ‘Y’

ii- Write the the two conditions required for the process ‘Y’ to occur.

iii- Write the word equation for the process ‘Y’

14 Explain any three reasons responsible for the depletion of water table in India. 3

15 Write any three points of differences between clinical & laboratory thermometer. 3

16 A car moves with a speed of 40km/hr for 30 minutes and then with the speed of 60km/hr for

another 30 minutes. Calculate the following:

a. Total distance travelled by the car

b. Average speed of the car

17 Explain the formation of land breeze with the help of a well labeled diagram. 3

18 What would be the nature of distance –time graph for the following:

a. An object moving with uniform speed.

b. An object that is not moving.

c. An object moving with varying speed.

19 a. Write one similarity and one dissimilarity between aerobic and anaerobic respiration.

b. With reference to human respiration complete the following table:

CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set G

b)-Write the suitable term for the following :-

1. A complex carbohydrate found in plants.

2. Organ where water is absorbed in the alimentary canal.

3. Acid secreted by the stomach.

4. Teeth meant for biting/cutting the food.

5. Number of milk teeth in a child.

6. Removal of undigested food from the body.

21 a) What is Sericin?

b) What will happen if the cocoons are not boiled for obtaining silk?(two points)

c) Write the names of any two varieties of silk found in India and the states from where they are obtained.

22 An element ‘A’ on heating in air burns with a dazzling bright light to form a substance ‘B’.B is then mixed with water to obtain ‘C’. C is now tested with red litmus that turns blue.

i ) Identify A and B.

ii) Write whether conversion of A to B is a physical or a chemical change. Give reason.

iii) Write the equation for the conversion of A to B

iv) What do you understand about the nature of substance C after the litmus test?

v.) Write any other two examples of the same type of change.

23 A bus starts from rest at 8:00 a.m. The distance covered by the bus at various time intervals are as follows:

Distance(in km)     0        30        60        90       120

Time (a.m.)         8:00      8:30    9:00     9:30    10:00

a. Draw a distance- time graph for the given data.

b. Mention the scale for distance & time taken by you.

c. From the graph find out the distance covered by the bus at 9:45a.m.

d. Calculate the average speed of the bus in km/hr.

e. Comment upon the nature of motion exhibited by the bus.

24 a. Convert 40 0C into Fahrenheit scale.

b. Give reasonsi.

False ceilings provide warmth during winters.

ii. Cooking pans are provided with plastic handles.

iii. Outer walls of houses are painted white in places with hot climate.

Section B

25 Whales and dolphins often come up to the surface of water from time to time.What could be the reason for this?

26 Take 3 test-tubes. Fill 3/4th of each with water.Label them A,B,C.Keep a snail in A,a water plant in B and in C keep both snail and plant. Which test-tube will have the highest concentration of CO2 and why?

27 Look at the given picture and write the mode of nutrition of the given organism.

CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set G

28 Seema always puts the used water after washing vegetables and the waste water from her R.O. into the flower beds in her garden . Identify two values shown by her actions

29 Hari’s colony does not receive pure drinking water. Suggest two ways by which he can purify the water from a nearby well.

30 Mention the traditional practice of storing rain water in Rajasthan.

31 Name the thermometer used for measuring the temperature of a particular day reported in weather report.

32 Two identical tin cans were taken. The outer surface of one was painted black and of the other white. Equal amount of water is poured in them and left under sun for one hour. Will you observe any difference in the temperature of water inside them after one hour? If yes, why?

33 Why should we not use clinical thermometer for measuring the temperature of hot milk or tea? 1

34 Anandi is a14 year old girl who works in a wool industry.Give two reasons to suggest why she should not work in wool industry.

35 A simple pendulum takes 36 seconds to complete 20 oscillations .Calculate the time period. 2

36 The given diagram shows a green plant that performs photosynthesis normally but its leaves are modified to trap insects.Identify the plant.Why does this plant feed on insects when it is green?

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