CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set P

CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set P. It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

Q.1 Fill in the blanks. (1×6=6)

i) Atoms are neither lost nor _______ in a chemical reaction.

ii) An antacid generally contains a _______.

iii) Heat causes a _______ in temperature.

iv) Digestion begins in the _______.

v) Food is carried from the leaves by pipes formed by _______ tissues.

vi) Lungs have millions of air sacs called _______.

Q.2 Choose the correct option. (1×6=6)

i) Which of the following is the symbol of gold -

a) Gd b) Ag c) Au d) Pb

ii) A soap solution is

a) acidic b) alkaline c) neutral d) none of these

iii) A black body with a rough surface is a good -

a) absorber & good radiator of heat b) reflector & poor absorber of heat

c) absorber & poor radiator of heat d) reflector & poor radiator of heat

iv) Plants store food as -

a) cellulose b) sugar c) glucose d) starch

v) The process by which a plant loses water through the stomata is called -

a) excretion b) respiration c) transpiration d) sweating

vi) Earthworms breathe through their

a) skin b) gills c) lungs d) none of these

Q.3 Name the following : (any six) (1×6=6)

i) An abbreviation of the name of an element.

ii) These are called as soluble bases.

iii) The fingerlike folds in the wall of the small intestine.

iv) These blood cells help to fight infections.

v) The blood vessels that carries blood away from the heart.

vi) The tiny openings on stems and fruits that plants use for breathing.

vii) A weight hung from a fixed point in such a way that it can swing freely.

Q.4 Give reasons for the following. (any three) (2×3=6)

i) An egg without its shell swells when it is placed in a bowl of water.

ii) Sour things (vinegar or pickles) are not kept in metal pots.

iii) While swallowing, the food enters the food pipe but it does not enter the wind pipe.

iv) The water moves up the stem against the force of gravity.

v) Carnivorous plants trap insects.

Q.5 Define the following. (any five) (2×5=10)

i) Valency ii) Convection

iii) Radiation iv) Speed

v) Excretion vi) Anaerobic respiration

vii) Respiration rate

Q.6 Draw well labelled neat diagrams. (any two) (3×2=6)

i) Clinical thermometer

ii) Land breeze & Sea breeze

iii) Different taste areas on the tongue

iv) Villi

Q.7 Answer the following in not more than 20 words. (any six) (2×6=12)

i) What are neutral substances?

ii) How does heat from the sun reaches the earth?

iii) Why is it better to wear lighter shades in summer?

iv) When is a moving body said to be in uniform motion?

v) What are autotrophs? Name an organism other than green plants that is an autotroph.

vi) Why is the heart divided into two halves by a thick wall?

vii) How do leaves of plants exchange gases with the atmosphere?

Q.8 Answer the following in not more than 40 words. Part (vii) is compulsory.

Select any five more.

i) a) What is a balanced chemical equation?

b) Find the valencies of the underlined element.

PCl3, Na2O

ii) Name three mineral acids and give their formula.

iii) Mention three changes that heat causes in substances.

iv) What is the juice secreted by liver called? What does it do?

v) How does sweating helps to maintain our body temperature?

vi) Why do gardeners loosen the soil from time to time ?

vii) During a dental check up in school, Rohan was told that tooth decay had just started at the top of his last large back tooth in the lower jaw. He shared this with his best friend Vikram who had good dental health.

Vikram advised him to prevent further tooth decay by giving some tips on dental health.

a) Name the tooth where decay had started.

b) What is the function of such teeth?

c) What value is displayed by Vikram.

Q.9 Answer the following questions in not more than 100 words. (any five) (5×5=25)

i) a) Name two elements that have variable valency.

b) Give the formulae & names of two compounds formed by each of these elements.

ii) a) What is acid rain?

b) Mention three bad effects of acid rain.

iii) Distinguish between Celsius & Fahrenheit scales.

iv) a) What happens to the radiant heat when it falls on a body?

b) What does the absorption of radiant heat by a body depend on ?

v) a) What are nephrons?

b) How do they help in the excretion of waste?

vi) How do roots absorb water from the soil? Also draw the diagram.

vii) How does oxygen from the air in the lungs reach the cells? Also draw the diagram.

Q.10 Label the diagram. (any five)

CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set P

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