CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set M

CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set M. It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

1. Give one word answer of the following. 

i. The green pigment present in leaves.

ii.Rearing of silk worms for silk production.

iii. Two region with extreme climatic conditions. iv. Acid found in lemon.

v. A fleshy muscular organ present in mouth.

vi. The average weather taken over a long time.

vii. The process by which common salt is purified.

viii. A device used for measuring the speed of a vehicle.

ix. The gas used by plants fur the synthesis of starch.

x. The process of removing the fleece of the sheep along with a thin layer of skin.

2.Differentiate the following:

a Autotrophs and heterotrophs

b. Ingestion and digestion

c.Conduction and convection

d. Acids and bases

e. Physical and chemical changes

3. Give reasons.. fur the followings:

a) The doctor has advised Raj to reduce his intake of proteins.

b) Wearing more layers of clothing during winter keeps us warmer than wearing just one thick piece of clothing.

c) It is generally cooler during the nights than during the day. d) We get instant energy from glucose.

e) In places of hot climate it is advised that the outer walls of the house be painted white.

f) Anemometers and wind vanes are usually kept on high buildings and towers. g) Places near to the equator are warmer than poles.

h) Silk give out the smell of burning hair when burnt.

4..Write two methods by which rusting of iron can be prevented. 

5. Explain briefly how a polar bear is adapted to live in extremely cold climate. 2

6. What are Villi? What is their function? 2

7. A cheetah runs a distance of 200 meters in 10 seconds. Express the speed of cheetah in km/hr.2

8. Depict the distance -time graph in the following cases: 2 a) A car moving with a constant speed.

b) A car parked on a side road.

9. State the type of motion exhibited by the fOllowing: 2 a) a child in a merry-go-round.

b) the earth around the sun.

c) a pendulum. d) a clock.

10. a) What do you understand by 'rumination'? 3 b) Why it is difficult for human being to survive only on green leafy vegetables?

11. Write two similarities and two differences between clinical and laboratory thermometer.3

12. What are monsoon winds? Why are monsoon winds very important fur our country? 3

13. When a candle bums, two types of changes takes place. Identify these changes. Explain each one of them. 3

14. a) How migration help the birds in their survival? Name one migratory bird which visits warmer regions of India every year.

b) An elephant has a long trunk. How does this adaptation help the elephant to live and survive in the tropical rainforest?

15. What do you understand by indicators? How litmus paper can be used ·as an indicator? 3

16. The cyclone--related messages is broadcast over radio every hour when a cyclone is nearer the coast What safety measures should be taken after receiving warning about a cyclone?3

17. Suppose earth rotated :from east to west, instead of :from west to east. How would this affect the pattern of wind circulation on the earth? 3

18. Explain the steps involved in the processing of fibers into wool. 3

19. a )Explain the process of photosynthesis with a well labelled diagram. 5

b) Write the chemical equation involved in this process.

c)What are the end products formed in this process? 

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