CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set A

CBSE Class 7 Science Sample Paper Set A. It’s always recommended to practice as many CBSE sample papers as possible before the examinations. The latest sample papers have been designed as per the latest blue prints, syllabus and examination trends. Sample papers should be practiced in examination condition at home or school and also show it to your teachers for checking or compare with the answers provided. Students can download the sample papers in pdf format free and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for latest sample papers.

I Multiple choice questions :

1) Acid present in curd is ________

a) Acetic acid b) lactic acid c) citric acid d) hydrochloric acid

2) Dilute acids react with metals to form salt and ______ gas

a) H2 b) O2 c) CO2 d) none of these

3) An oxidation reaction involves

a) addition of oxygen b) addition of oxygen and removal of hydrogen

c) addition of hydrogen and removal of oxygen d) addition of hydrogen

4) An arrow pointing downwards in a chemical reaction shows

a) evolution of gas b) oxidation c) displacement d) formation of precipitate

5) In insects exchange of gases takes place through

a) Spiracles b) gills c) lungs d) stomata

6) In plants exchange of gases take place through

a) Buds b) roots c) entire leaf surface d) stomata

7) The loss of water through the stomata is called

a) Wilting b) transpiration c) translocation d) transportation

8) Forests are called green lungs because they supply __________ to the atmosphere

a) O2 b) CO2 c) N2 d) H2O

9) Plants do not depend on animals for

a) Pollination b) food c) seed dispersal d) nutrients

10) The first link in a food chain is

a) Herbivores b) carnivores c) green plants d) none of these

11) The lowest layer in the understory of a forest is formed by

a) Shrubs b) herbs c) trees d) tall grass

12) _________ are primary consumers

a) producers b) herbivores c) carnivores d) non green plants

13) The primary source of energy in nature is

a) O2 b) CO2 c) fuels d) sun

14) Rainwater harvesting is done

a) to conserve ground water b) to reduce irrigation c) for afforestation d) for industrialization

15) Which of the following cannot split light into its seven colours

a) diamond cut in a special way b) prism c) convex lens d) water droplets suspended in air

16) A magnifying lens is a

a) plane mirror b)concave lens c) convex lens d)none of these

17) A tornado is

a) a strong thunderstorm b) the eye of a cyclone

c) rotating funnel of a high speed wind d) a tsunami

18) As we go to higher altitudes the air pressure

a) Increases b) decreases c) remains same d) expands

19) Increased wind speed results in

a) reduced air pressure b) increased air pressure

c) air pressure doesn’t change d) expansion of air

20) A cyclone develops

a) over the land b) over the sea c) near the equator d) at poles

21) During a thunderstorm, water droplets and ice crystals collide and produce

a) Lightning b) rain c) cyclone d) wind

22) Yeast reproduces by

a) spore formation b) sexual reproduction c) vegetative reproduction d) budding

23) Which of the following is dispersed by water?

a) Lotus b) dandelion c) pea d) xanthium

24) The male and female reproductive cells are called

a) Zygote b) gametes c) pollination d) fertilization

25) A complete flower has

a) only stamens b) only pistil c) both stamens and pistil d) only petals and sepals

26) Fertilization means

a) fusion of male and female cells b) transfer of pollens from anther to stigma

c) carrying of seeds by wind and water d) explosion of fruits

27) Blood cells that protect our body from diseases are

a) RBC b) WBC c) platelets d) all of these

28) The heart has a number of__________ that allows the blood to flow in one direction only

a) Valves b) auricles c) ventricles d) septum

29) Which of these enable nutrients present in plants and animals to go back to the soil

a) Producers b) primary consumers c) secondary consumers d) decomposers

30) Lateral inversion is seen in a

a) Plane mirror b) convex mirror c) concave mirror d) lenses

Note: All the answers should be done on the answer sheet.

I Define and give one example : (1x6=6)

a) Indicators

b) Exothermic reactions

c) Anaerobic respiration

d) Translocation

e) Rectilinear propagation of light

f) Afforestation

II Write short answers in about 2-3 sentences : (1.5x8=12)

a) Give any 3 uses of hydrochloric acid.

b) Give any 3 uses of calcium hydroxide.

c) Why does a base applied to your skin give relief from an ant bite ?

d) What role does transpiration play in the transportation of water in a plant ?

e) A convex rear view mirror is preferred over a plane mirror in a car. Why ?

f) How does planting trees help ground water conservation ?

g) Why should we not over water potted plants ?

h) Why is reproduction important?

III Answer in 4-5 sentences of any 6 of the following : (2x6=12)

a) Give any four methods used to prevent rusting.

b) What is a displacement reaction? What rule governs the displacement of an element from a compound? Give an example

c) Why do we sometimes suffer from muscle cramps while exercising? How can you overcome the cramps?

d) What happens in a flower after fertilization?

e) What are the advantages of vegetative reproduction?

f) What are the reasons for the lowering of the water table in large cities?

g) Give any 4 methods used to conserve water.

IV Give any two differences between: (any 6) (2x6=12)

1) Acids and bases

2) Combustion and cellular respiration

3) Arteries and veins

4) Real and virtual image

5) Renewable and nonrenewable resources

6) Concave and convex mirror

7) Asexual and sexual reproduction

V Complete, balance and name the type of reaction: (2x5=10)

a) Mg + O2 →________________ ( ________________________ )

b) CaO + H2O →____________________(_____________________________)

c) NaOH + H2SO4 →_____________ + ______________ (________________________ )

d) Na2CO3 + HCl→___________ + __________ + _________ (___________)

e) Zn + HNO3 →_____________ +______________ (____________________)

VI 1) Draw a neat labeled diagram of the human urinary system

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