CBSE Class 12 Home Science Sample Paper 2018 (2)

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CBSE Class 12 Home Science Sample Paper 2018 (2). It’s always recommended to practice as many sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.

1. State two important points a mother should consider while buying clothes for her adolescent boys.

2. Draw symbols.for a care label to indicate that the dress cannot be bleached and should be ironed at medium temperature.

3. What two points will you consider while selecting a saree for your tall and thin sister working in an office?

4. Give two conditions when Besan (gram flour) is considered unfit for human consumption.

5. Mention the standard marks you would look for while buying packets of baking powder and pure ghee.

6. What does growth spurt signify? 

7. Rita is rated as an early1naturer. Enlist the behaviour that she would exhibit.

8. "Home Science offers a wide range of wage employment opportunities".Support this statement with one example each from its any four fields.

9. Sudha is designing a salwar kameez for a woman with protruding stomach. How will you make sure that she shifts emphasis away from

stomach and creates harmony in the dress?

10. Convince your grandfather with four reasons while purchasing a set of kurta pyjama for himself.

11. To ensure accuracy in length, what four points would you check while buying fabric from the shopkeeper.

12. After re oving tea stains from her dress, Sheela found spots of chemical on it. To avoid this, what four precautions should she have


13. Explain the formal operational stage of cognition with an example.

14. Sunil experiences intense anger frequently and indulges in breaking things .What kind of emotional stress he is undergoing and how can the social agents can help him to combat it?

15. Make a checklist to help your brother for buying a good quality shirt for himself.

16 a.When suffering from diarrhea, which two kinds of foods should Medha avoid in her meals?

b. Suggest three changes with reasons for a jaundice patient in the diet given below:

Fried rice, egg curry,whole urad, curd and ice-cream. (1+3=4)

17. Differentiate between the steps used for laundering coloured and white cotton clothes. 

18. You have a lactating mother in your family. Point out special dietary requirements for her and explain ho\v \Vill you ensure that these are fulfilled.

19. a Mention any tvvo foods to be restricted in the diet of a diabetic - patient.

b. A family is having butter chicken, rotC curd and pulao for dinner.

Analyze and write the nutritional content of this meal. Mention two main changes you will carry out in this meal to suit the needs of a

person having fever.(1+3=4)

20. Explain the areas of concern regarding old persons, in order to maintain their health and wellness.

21. What do you understand by the term Balance? Mention the ways of achieving ((Balance". Illustrate with the help of sketches.

22.a. Monica is 16 years old. Highlight on the peculiar characteristics of Adolesence which she exhibits and distinguish adolesence from other phases of life.

b. Which social traits are developed during adolescence? (2+3=5)

23 a. The khoya burfi has been declared adulterated by PFA. Indicate four possible basis for its declaration.

b. Most of the villagers are suffering from swelling in feet and legs .

The doctor has ascribed it to son1e adulterant in their food. What could be this adulterant? Mention three other symptoms associated

with this adulterant. Suggest two ways by which villagers can safeguard themselves from buying adulterated foods? (2+3=5)

24 a. Why is there need of acceptance by peers during adolesence?

b. Which kind of parenthood is advisable during adolescence and why?(2+3=5)

25 a. Why is friction method not used to wash woolen sweater.

b. What two precautions would you take while storing woolens?

c. Outline the steps of washing a blue silk sari at home. (1+1+3=5) 

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