Class 12 Home Science Question Paper Solved 2019

Class 12 Home Science Question Paper Solved 2019. Students can download the last year board exams question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.


1. Name any two food items which are given ISI mark.


Mention one possible adulterant each found in bura sugar and pure ghee.

2. Name one grease absorbent and one acid which are used to remove stains from garments.

3. Convince your brother to invest in a fixed deposit scheme of a bank by telling him its two benefits.

4. With your knowledge of apparel science, suggest two ways you can supplement your family income.

5. Which nutrient deficiency may lead to anemia during pregnancy ? How much of this nutrient has been recommended daily for pregnant women by ICMR ?


Which nutrient is needed for sufficient secretion of mother’s milk ? How much of this nutrient should be taken daily by her ?


6. Region and traditions of a family influence their meal plans. Support this statement with the help of two examples each.


Every family selects their foods according to their health and food practices. Support this statement with the help of two examples each.

7. Which four factors influence the choice of colours of your dress ?

8. On the basis of your observation, which four unhygienic conditions would you like to change in your school canteen ?

9. Your uncle wants to live in an old age home after his wife’s death. Which four facilities should he check to fulfil his physical needs ? 

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