CBSE Class 12 Home Science Compartment Question Paper 2020

Note : Fill in the blanks with suitable word(s) :
1. Besides FSSAI, apple juice is also given __________ standard mark.
2. A milkman is selling adulterated milk. The consumer right that he has violated is right to __________ .
3. The chemical used for removing lipstick stains is __________ .
4. One skill you have learnt in the field of Home Management, which can help you find employment is __________ .
5. Unsafe sex may lead to sexually transmitted diseases like __________ and _____________ .
6. A pregnant woman requires __________ amount of vitamin C per day. 
7. This symbol ___________ is the sign of purity of wool. 
8. Silk clothes should be aired after use as they can get damaged due to __________ . 
9. You will buy clothes with __________ lines and __________ prints for a tall and thin woman. 
10. An elderly woman has been served idli and sambhar for lunch. The food groups missing in this meal are __________ and __________ .
11. A thirty-year-old working woman should invest in monthly income scheme as it has 
(A) tax free interest.
(B) no limit on investment.
(C) money is safe.
(D) tax rebate facility.
A vegetarian food can be recognized by _________ dot on its label.
(A) green
(B) blue
(C) red
(D) brown
CBSE Class 12 Home Science Compartment Question Paper 2020
13. As a member of Gram Panchayat under MGNREGA, it is your duty to ensure that the distance of the worksite from the village is not more than
(A) 2 km
(B) 3 km
(C) 4 km
(D) 5 km
14. After specialising in Food & Nutrition, Gurpreet has opened a restaurant. But she is not able to make profit from it. By spending least amount of money, her best option within her speciality is to
(A) start another restaurant.
(B) start making food at home.
(C) make new sweets and savouries.
(D) make arrangements to start cookery classes in the restaurant.
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