CBSE Class 8 Science Worksheet - Reproduction in Animals Part C

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CBSE Class 8 Science Worksheet - Reproduction in Animals Part C - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.









Q1. Answer the following :

i. Female Gamete in humansii.

ii.Organism with largest eggiii.

iii.Part where development of the baby takes placeiv.

iv.Name the first successfully cloned sheepv.

v.Type of fertilisation in hensvi.

vi.Example of viviparous organismvii.

vii.Example of an organism with internal fertilisation and external growth of babyviii.

viii.Example of an organism with external fertilisation –

Q2. Fill ups:

i. In humans __________ is the male reproductive organ and _____________ is the female reproductive organ.

ii. _____________ is the male gamete produced by _____________.

iii. Fertilized egg is also called _____________.

iv. The female reproductive organs include______________, ________________ and _____________.

v. The male reproductive organs include _______________, _____________ and _________________.

vi. ______________ and ___________ lays hundreds of eggs at a time.

vii. _____________ reproduces by budding.

viii. All living organisms ______________ to produce young ones like them.

ix. Organisms reproduce by two ways ______________ and _________________.

x. Tadpole is the developing stage of the _____________.

xi. The cell formed after fertilization is called _________________.

xii. Frogs undergo ____________________ to become adults from tadpoles.

xiii. ___________________________ is essential for the continuation of species.

xiv. ___________________________ reproduction is characterised by the fusion of two cells called gametes.

xv. The cells involved in sexual reproduction are called _______________.

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