CBSE Class 8 Science Materials Metals And Non Metals Worksheet Set C

CBSE Class 8 Science Worksheet - Materials-Metals and Non-Metals Part C - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.





Class VIII



Q.1. Fill in the blanks

1) __________ and _________ metals are soft and can be cut with a knife.

2) __________ is the only metal, which is found in liquid state at room temperature.

3) A suspension of rust in water turns __________litmus ____________. So it is __________ in nature.

4) In general, metallic oxides are ___________ in nature whereas oxides of nonmetals are _______ in nature.

5) Metals react with acids to produce___________ gas which burns with a __________ sound.

6) A _____________ reactive metal can replace a ___________ reactive metalfrom its salt solution.

7) The elements which possess character of both metals and non metals are called __________.

8) The non-metal _______________ is used in water purification process.

9) The non-metal ________________ is found in the liquid state

Q.2. Give reasons for the following.

1) Bells used in temples are made of metals and not wood.

2) A copper vessel when exposed to moist air for long acquires a dull green coating.

3) Sodium metal is kept stored in kerosene.

4) Phosphorus is kept stored in water.

5) Gold and Silver are used for making jewellery.

6) Copper is used in electrical wiring.

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