CBSE Class 8 Science Coal And Petroleum Worksheet Set C

CBSE Class 8 Science Worksheet - Coal and Petroleum - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India.


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Assignment No. 5

Q.1 Fill in the blanks:-

(i) On heating in air, coal mainly produces ________ gas.

(ii) ________ is an almost pure form of carbon.

(iii) Coal tar is a mixture of about ________ substance..

(iv) Now a days ________, a petroleum product is used in place of ________ for metal ling the roads.

(v) ________ is used as a fuel in light automobiles whereas heavy motor vehicles run on ________.

Q.2 Multiple choice questions (Choose the correct option)

(A) Renewable resources need to be conserved because

  (a) We are using them faster than they are replenished by nature.

  (b) They are slowly disappearing from the earth.

  (c) If we overuse them nature will stop replacing them.

  (d) All of these

(B) Coal mainly contains

  (a) Carbon (b) Carbon & Hydrogen (c) Carbon, Hydrogen & Nitrogen (d) Carbon, Nitrogen & Oxygen

(C) Which of these is not a natural source of energy?

  (a) Coal (b) Petroleum (c) Electricity (d) Sun

(D) Fossil Fuels are

  (a) renewable but exhaustible (b) renewable but inexhaustible (c) Non renewable but can be recycled (d) Non renewable and can not be recycled

(E) Which of these is not a fossil fuel?

  (a) CNG (b) LPG (c) Petrol (d) hydrogen

Q.3 What are natural resources?

Q.4 Give three examples of natural and man-made material?

Q.5 What are the two kinds of natural resources? Explain giving examples?

Q.6 What are fossil fuels? Give three examples?

Q.7 Write two uses of coke?

Q.8 Name four substances which are manufactured using products obtained from coal tar?

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