CBSE Class 7 Science Worksheet Set D

Revision assignment

1 The bottom layer of a forest is called
a) Forest floor                 b) Canopy
c) Understory                 d) Herb layer
2 Find the distance covered by a car in 2 hr, if it is moving at a speed of 25km /hr.
a) 50 km                       b) 25 km
c) 50 m                         d) 25 m
3 Assimilation of nutrients takes place in
a) Buccal cavity              b) Stomach
c) Small intestine           d) Large intestine
4 During inhalation, Ribs moves-----------------------and diaphragm moves --------------
5 Name the four chambers found in ruminants.
6 What is the purpose of cross breeding?
7 What is meant by sprinkler and drip irrigation methods of irrigation. Give one advantage and one disadvantage of using modern methods of irrigation.
8 Why is it necessary to conserve forest? State any three ways to conserve forests?
9 Give one point of difference between peristalsis and antiperistalsis.10 Explain Symbiotic relationship with the help of an example.
11 What will happen when iron nail is dropped in copper sulphate solution.
a) Write word equation for the above reaction.
b) What type of change it is ?
c) Is there any change in colour of the solution? If yes, why?
12 With the help of a diagram, explain human respiratory system.
13 Explain, how forest maintains
a) balance of gases in nature
b) prevent soil erosion
c) supply of fresh water.
14 Draw the diagram of Human digestive system and label it.

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