CBSE Class 7 Science Acid Bases and Salts Worksheet Set A


            Very Short Answer

Q1)      What are neutral solutions?

Q2)      Where we find the oxalic acid?

Q3)      Define phenolphthalein?

Q4)      Where we find potassium hydroxide?

Q5)      Define neutralisation?


            Short Answer

Q6)      What is the effect of the indicator on acidic basic and neutral solution

Q7)      What do you understand by the term indicators?

Q8)      How does litmus detect acidic and basic solution?

Q9)      How acids are different form salts?

Q10)    What is china rose and why it is used as indicators


            Long Answer

Q11)    Explain neutralisation in everyday life?

Q12)    How litmus paper is different from pH paper?

Q13)    State the difference between acid and base?

Q14)    Explain about the natural indicators around us?

Q15)    Distinguish between acidic salt and basic salts?


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