CBSE Class 7 Science Worksheet Set A

1.The term that is used for the mode of nutrition in yeast, mushroom and bread mould is
a) Autotrophic   b)Insectivorous    c) Saprotrophic    d) Parasitic
2 Four arrangements to measure temperature of ice in beaker with laboratory thermometer are shown below. Which one of them shows the correct arrangement for accurate measurement of temperature?
CBSE Class 7 Science Worksheet Set A 1 
3 Which of the following statements is incorrect for a chemical reaction?
a) Heat may be given out but never absorbed.
b) Sound may be produced.
c) A color change may take place.
d) A gas may be evolved.
4 How would you show that setting of curd is a chemical change? 
5 Convert 250C to 0F. 1
6 Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for plant growth. But farmers who cultivate pulse crops like green gram, Bengal gram, black gram, etc do not apply nitrogenous fertilizers during cultivation. Why?
7 Give an example of a chemical/physical reaction for each of the following situations:
a) A change in colour is observed. b) A gas is evolved.
c) Sound is produced. d) Formation of precipitate.
e) Change of state from liquid to gas. f) Change of state from gas to liquid.
8 a) How do water and minerals absorbed by roots reach the leaves?
b) ‘Life on the earth would be impossible in the absence of photosynthesis.’ Give any two reasons to support this statement.
9 a) Starting from A, Paheli moves along a rectangular path ABCD as shown in figure below. She takes 2 minutes to travel each side. Plot a distance-time graph and explain whether the motion is uniform or non-uniform.
CBSE Class 7 Science Worksheet Set A 2
b) Distinguish between uniform and non-uniform motion.

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