CBSE Class 7 Science Revision Worksheet

Class: VII Subject: Science

Topics 1. Nutrition in plants
2. Nutrition in animals
3. Heat and its effect
4. Acids, bases and salts
5. Physical and chemical changes
6. Winds, storms and cyclones
7. Reproduction in plants
8. Forests: our lifelines

Q1. Plant store food as__________________.
a) cellulose          b) sugar
c) starch              d) glucose
Q2.The largest gland is ________
a) pancreas             b) gall bladder
c) liver                    d) stomach
Q3.Which of the following is not a type of teeth?
a) Incisors               b) canines
c) molars                 d) anus
Q4.The mode of heat transfer that does not require a medium is________
a) conduction           b) reflection
c) radiation              d) convection
Q5.Basic solutions change colourless phenolphthalein solution
a) pink                     b) green
c) blue                     d) red
Q6. Milk of magnesia is a
a) strong acid           b) weak base
c) weak acid            d) strong base
Q7. Which of the following is not a seedless plant?
a) banana               b) begonia
c) sugarcane           d) pineapple
Q8. Compared to cold air, hot air has lower ____________
a) mass                  b) volume
c) weight                d) denisty
Q9. Ripened ovary is known as
a) fruit                    b) flower
c) embryo               d) seed
Q10. The top most layer of forest is
a) forest floor          b) canopy
c) understorey         d) herb layer
Q11.Neem cuscuta rose banyan
Q12. Paper leather iron clothes
Q13. Cyclone thunderstorm rainfall tornado
Q14. Stamen anther ovary filament
Q15. Tiger frog rabbit eagle
Q16. What is the usual temperature range of a clinical thermometer?
Q17. What ido you meam by aqua regia?
Q18. Name the winds blowing towards 60ºN and 60°S latitude.
Q19. Which part of the flower produces (a) male gametes (b) female gametes?
Q20. Write two properties of acids.

Q21What is the relationship between Celsius and Fahrenheit scale? Convert 98.6`F into degree Celsius..
Define Conduction. Convert 77`F into degree Celsius.
Q22 What are the functions performed by the tongue?
Q23. Why is water not used instead of mercury in thermometers when it is easily available to us?
Q24. How are acids helpful in maintaining our good health?
Q25. Draw a well labelled diagram of Human digestive system.
Q26. What do you mean by high pressure area and low pressure area?
Q27. What are the special features of seeds and fruits which are dispersed by wind?
Q28. What is food chain? Explain how the energy flows in a food chain with example.
Q29. Why is an antacid tablet taken when you suffer from acidity?
.Q30. What are the characteristics of chemical changes?


Q31. Explain how fertilisation takes place in a flower (with diagram).
What are the advantages and disadvantages of Vegetative Propogation in Plants.
Q32.What is meant by deforestation? Write the harmful effects of deforestation?
Q33. Describe briefly the process of nutrition in Amoeba (with diagram).
Q34. What is cyclone? Describe the formation of a cyclone.
Q35. Describe the construction of a laboratory thermometer. Give five precautions to be taken while reading a laboratory thermometer.( with diagram).
Q36. What is photosynthesis? Write an experiment to show that sunlight is necessary for photosynthesis (with diagram).
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