CBSE Class 7 Science Worksheet Set B

1 The throbbing movement in the blood flow in arteries is called
a) Pulse      b) Crest
c) Peak      d) Valves
2 Increased wind speed is accompanied by
a) No change in temperature        b) Reduced pressure
c) Increased pressure                  d) No change in pressure
3 What is the chemical name of milk of magnesia?
a) Calcium hydroxide                  b) Magnesium hydroxide
c) Ammonium hydroxide             d) Sodium hydroxide
4 Name the mirror which can form:
i) An inverted image smaller than the object.
ii) An erect image smaller than the object
5 Why is it difficult to predict the weather of a place while it is easy to predict its climate? 
6 Why is clarified water passed through aeration tanks? 
7 a) How does large variation between day and night temperatures cause weathering?
b) Mention any two features of top soil(A-Horizon).
c) What effect does construction of buildings and roads have on water percolation through the soil? Hence what effect would this have on the water table?
8 a) What do you mean by ruminants?
b) Explain the process of food digestion in ruminants.
9 a)What do you mean by Asexual reproduction?
b)With the help of a diagram ,explain yeast reproduction by the method of budding.
c) Explain dispersal of seed through explosive mechanism. Give two examples of seed which dispersed by the explosive mechanism method.
10 a) On which effect of electric current does an electric iron works.
b) Of which material an electric iron element is made off. Mention its features which makes
it suitable for this function.
c) Why do we use fuse in electrical circuits.
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