CBSE Class 9 Maths Constructions MCQs Set A

CBSE Class 9 Constructions MCQs Set A. Multiple choice questions have become an integral part of the CBSE examination system. Almost all exams have a section for MCQs. Students are advised to refer to the attached MCQ database and practise them regularly. This will help them to identify their weak areas and will help them to score better in examination. Parents should download and give the MCQs to their children for practice.

1. In a pair of set, squares, one if with angles are

(a) 300, 600, 900 (b) 300, 300, 450 (c) 750, 250, 800 (d) 650, 150, 1000

2. In a pair of set, squares, the other is with angles

(a) 450, 450, 900 (b) 300, 500, 1000 (c) 600, 600, 600 (d) none of these

3. To draw the perpendicular bisector of line segment AB, we open the compass

(a) more than 1/2 AB (b) less than 1/2 AB  (c) equal to  1/2 AB (d) none of theseCBSE Class 9 Maths Constructions MCQs Set A


5. To construct a triangle we must know at least its ______ parts.

(a) two (b) three (c) one (d) five

6. For which of the following condition the construction of a triangle is not possible:

(a) If two sides and angle included between them is not given

(b) If two sides and angle included between them is not given

(c) If its three sides are given

(d) If two angles and side included between them is given

7. Construction of a triangle is not possible if:

(a) AB + BC < AC (b) AB + BC = AC (c) both (a) and (b) (d) AB + BC > AC

8. With the help of ruler and compass it is not possible to construct an angle of

(a) 37.50 (b) 40.50 (c) 22.50 (d) 67.50

9. The construction of a triangle ABC given that BC = 3 cm, <C = 600 is possible when difference of AB and AC is equal to

(a) 3.2 cm (b) 3.1 cm (c) 3 cm (d) 2.8 cm

10. The construction of a triangle ABC, given that BC = 6cm, < = 450 is not possible when the difference of AB and AC is equal to

(a) 6.9 cm (b) 5.2 cm (c) 5.0 cm (d) 4.0 cm.

11. Construction of a triangle is not possible if:

(a) AB – BC < AC (b) AB – BC = AC (c) both (a) and (b) (d) AB – BC > AC

12. To construct an angle of 150, we

(a) bisect an angle of 600 (b) bisect an angle of 300 (c) bisect an angle of 450 (d) none of these



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