CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Planning HOTs Set A

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Ques 1: How does planning provide direction?(Any Three)

Ans:    (a) Planning is goal oriented.

           (b) Continuous process.

           (c ) Pervasive function.


Ques 2: The planning function of management is conducted at which level of management ?

Ans: At all Three Levels.


Ques 3: One of the functions of management is considered as a base for all other functions. Name that Function.

Ans:  Planning.


Ques 4: Planning strangulates the initiative of the employees and compels them to work in an inflexible manner” Discuss.

Ans:  Planning reduces creativity.


Ques 5: Which limitation of planning suggest that the employees stop thinking and become the blind followers of Plan?

Ans:  Planning reduce creativity.


Ques 6: A company needs a detailed plan for its new project- construction of shopping mall. What type of plan Is it ?

Ans: Programme.


Ques 7: In which type of plan the sequence to perform a job is determined?

Ans:  Procedure.


Ques 8: Which plans suggest action and non action of employees?

Ans:  Rules


Ques 9: “No Smoking : the statement is related to which type of plan?

Ans: Rule.  


Ques 10: Mc Donald does not give its franchise to any other company which is running food business. This is Related to which type of plan.

Ans: Policy.


Ques 11: Name the type of plan which serve as a guide for overall business planning and define the future state of  Affair which the organization strive to realize?

Ans:  Objectives.


Ques 12: In which step of planning process the planners make prediction and assumptions regarding future?

Ans: Setting up of planning premises for all the alternatives.


Ques 13: How should a manager select the best possible course of action?

Ans: Manager should apply permutation and combination.


Ques 14: Without one function of management the controlling function is not possible. Name the concerned function.

Ans: Planning.


Ques 15: Planning is an activity which enables a manager to look ahead and anticipate changes. Mention the Benefit of planning highlighted here.

Ans: Planning reduces the risks of uncertainty.


Ques 16: Planning ensures clarity in thoughts and actions, works is carried on smoothly without interruptions .

Which importance of planning is mentioned here?

Ans: Planning reduces overlapping and wasteful activities.


Ques 17: It helps the manager to look into future and make a choice amount various alternative courses of Action enumerate the importance of planning indicate here.

Ans: Planning facilitates decision –making.


Ques 18: Planning lays down the base for other functions of management which feature of planning is Highlighted here?

Ans: Planning is a primary function of management.


Ques 19: A plan is framed it is implemented and is followed by another plan and so on. Mention the feature of  Planning indicate here?

Ans: Planning is continuous process.


Ques 20: Which features of Planning is stressed by saying that planning is an intellectual activity of thinking Rather than doing?          

Ans:  Planning is a mental exercise .


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