CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Marketing Management HOTs Set A

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Ques 1: Name one of the first companies in the world to actively study the influence of consumer products on the environment.

Ans: Procter and Gamble.


Ques 2: Give two examples of convenience product.

Ans: (i) Bread (ii) Ice cream.


Ques 3: Name two shopping products.

Ans:  (i) Car (ii) Furniture (iii) Garments.


Ques 4: Name two techniques of sales promotion.  

Ans:  (i) Discount (ii) Premiums.


Ques 5: What factor changes want into demand?

Ans:  Money or purchasing power and willingness to spend the money.


Ques 6: Which goods last long and contribute directly to the making or developing of finished goods?

Ans: Capital Goods.


Ques 7: Name the elements which are popularly known as 3 p’s if marketing.

Ans:  Physical Evidence, People, Process.


Ques 8: Which goods are of unique character and buyer identifies with them?

Ans:  Speciality goods.


Ques 9: Give some innovative ideas of getting information about the trends/demand pattern in market.

Ans:    Market Survey, Market Research, On-line Research, Feedback.


Ques 10: Sony Ltd. Introduced a television set with new features in the market at a high price but when the same features used by other electronic companies in their television sets then the prices of Sony Ltd’s television sets was reduced by the company. Mention the name of strategy the company is following. Also explain the strategy in short.

Ans: The name of strategy is Price Skimming.

Under this strategy a high price is charged for an innovative product and later on the price is reduced when more marketers enter the market with same type of product.


Ques 11: Distinguish between Selling and Marketing on the basis of following points: (i) Focus (ii) Objective (iii) Supremacy. 

Ans: (i) Focus- Selling focuses on the need of seller whereas marketing focuses on the need of consumer.

(ii)  Objective- The main objective of selling is to maximize the profit and sale whereas the main objective of marketing is earning optimum profit with customer satisfaction.

(iii) Supremacy- In selling, producer is considered the kingpin of market whereas in marketing, consumer is considered the kingpin of the market.


Ques 12: Explain any three functions of ‘packaging’.

Ans: (i) Product Identification,

(ii) Product Protection,

(iii) Product Promotion.


Ques 13: ‘Expenditure on advertising is a social waste.’ Do you agree? Discuss.

Ans: This statement is only partially correct. The opponents of advertising say that the expenditure on advertising is a social waste as it adds to the cost, multiplies the needs of people and undermines the social values.


Ques 14: Name and explain the concept which concentrates on the need of the customers.

Ans: Marketing concept.


Ques 15: ‘Blindly following the goal of customer satisfaction had led to many social and environmental ills.’ Do you agree ? What should be done?

Ans: Despite of superiority of marketing concept, it faced criticism from the people who are concerned about society and environment. They argue that companies should not blindly follow the goal of customer satisfaction. This may lead to many social and environmental ills. For example a customer may want to have drugs so just to satisfy customer the firms should not supply him drugs. Some products bring harmful effects on environment so these should not be supplied.


Ques 16: ‘Product is a bundle of utilities.’ Do you agree? Comment. 

Ans: Yes, product is a bundle of utilities. A product is purchased because of its capability to provide satisfaction of certain needs. A buyer buys a product or service for what it dies for her or the benefit it provides to her. There can be three types of benefits a customer may seek to satisfy from the purchase of a product, viz., (i) Functional Benefits, (ii) Psychological Benefits and (iii) Social Benefits.


Ques 17: How does branding help in creating product differentiation? Discuss.

Ans: The process of giving a name or a sign or symbol, etc. to a product is called branding. It helps a firm in distinguishing its product from that of its competitors. This enables a firm to secure and control the market for its products. Thus, branding enables marking product differentiation.

Ques 18: List the promotional messages given on the package of any three consumer products of your choice and comment how can these promotional messages help in the sale of these products.

Ans: Promotional messages given on the package helps in promotion of the product. These messages give reason to purchase the product. Some promotional messages are-

(i)     Amla Hair Oil states, baalon mein dum, life mein fun.

(ii)    Detergent powder says, Keep cloth look good and your machine in top condition.

(iii)    Tomato Ketchup mentions, 20% Extra Free.



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