CBSE Class 12 Business Studies Consumer Protection HOTs Set A

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Ques 1: Which consumer right gives the business firm freedom to set up their own consumer service and grievance cell?

Ans: Right to be heard.


Ques 2: Ahmed wants to buy an iron. As an aware customer how can he be sure about the quality of iron?

Ans: Through ISI mark on the iron.


Ques 3: Mohit filed a case against ‘Domestic Cooling ltd.’ in the ‘District Forum’, but was not satisfied with the orders of the District Forum. Where can he appeal further against the decisions of District Forum?

Ans:  Mohit can further appeal against the decision of District Forum in the ‘State Commission’ within 30 days.


Ques 4: Ram wants to buy ghee. How can he check the quality of product?

Ans:  Through ‘AGMARK’ symbol.


Ques 5: Amrit filed a case against ‘Volvo Ltd.’ in the ‘State Commission’. But he was not satisfied with the orders of the ‘State Commission’. Name the authority to which he can appeal against the decisions of ‘State Commission’.

Ans:  Amrit can further appeal in ‘National Commission’.


Ques 6: Can a consumer file complaint in consumer court without having cash memo? 

Ans: No, without cash memo he cannot file a complaint. Cash memo is the proof of the transaction.

Ques 7: Name any two consumer rights.

Ans:  (i) Right to Safety (ii) Right to Choice.


Ques 8: List any three consumer organizations in India.

Ans:     (i) Consumer Guidance Society of India (Mumbai),

           (ii) Common Cause (New Delhi),

           (iii)  Citizen Action Group (Mumbai)

 Ques 9: Who is a consumer?

 Ans:    According to Consumer protection Act, a consumer is :

     (i)      One who buys goods or hires services.

    (ii)      Any use of such good or service with approval of buyer.

    (iii)      Any one who bought the goods for earning livelihood.


Ques 10: Why is consumer protection required in India?

 Ans: Because of following reasons :

    (i)      Poverty and unemployment

   (ii)     Illiterate consumers

   (iii)    Consumers are not organized.


Ques 11: Suggest any three remedies or reliefs available to consumer on his complaints.

 Ans: (i) Removal of defects from the goods.

        (ii)  Replacement of the goods.

        (iii)  Refund of the price paid.

 Ques 12: Can a consumer appeal against the judgement of National Commission? If yes, than where?

Ans: Yes, he can appeal in High Court or Supreme Court.


Ques 13: Who can file a complaint in consumer court?

 Ans: (i)  Any Consumer;

         (ii) Any Registered Consumers’ Association;

         (iii) The Central Government or any State Government;

        (iv)  One or more consumes on behalf of numerous consumers having the same interest; and

         (v)  A legal heir or representative of a deceased consumer.


 Ques 14: Explain the following as ways and means of consumer protection: (i) Consumer Awareness (ii) Government.

 Ans: (i) Consumer Awareness- It is not easy to exploit an educated and well aware consumers. Consumer must be well aware about his rights, responsibilities and relief available to him under Consumer Protection Act.

(ii) Government- Government of India has framed a set of laws and legislations to protect the interests of consumers and the most important act framed by Government is  Consumer Protection Act,1986. This act has provided three tier redressal agencies i.e., District Forum, National Commission and State Commission.


Ques 15: Rita wants to buy a packet of juice. As an aware customer how can she be sure about the quality of juice she plans to buy?

 Ans: She should check ‘FPO’ ( Food Product Order) symbol on the product.


 Ques 16: When or under what circumstances the complaints can be filed?

 Ans: Complaint can be filed and compensation can be claimed by the consumer with respect to-

(a)   Fraudulent practices of traders and manufacturers.

(b)   If goods are defective.

(c)   If there is any deficiency in the services hired.


Ques 17: Name two consumer rights defined by UNO.

 Ans: (i) Right to Basic Need.

(ii) Right to Healthy Environment.


Ques 18: Rajiv, a vegetarian was traveling in Rajdhani Express was served food and later he found out that it had a non-vegetarian content. His sentiments were hurt. Will Rajiv be able to claim compensation, which right of the consumer is violated?

Ans: Yes, Rajiv will be able to claim the compensation as the railways have violated the Right to Information.



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