CBSE Class 12 Biology HOTs All Chapters Set B

CBSE Class 12 Biology HOTs all chapters. Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) download and print

 Higher Order Thinking Skills

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No. 1 Reproduction in organisms.

 Q 1 Rahul observed green coloured long algal filaments in a stagnant pond, which are single layer aggregation of vertically arranged cells. What sort of strategy can this type of cellular aggregation adopt for multiplication?

 Answer: Fragmentation (vegetative method).

 Q 2 Both the prefixes ( Uni- and Mono- ) have the same meaning i.e. one in number. Does it mean that uni-sexual and mono-ecious species are the same?

 Answer: Unisexual is used in reference to the flower (presence of either anther or carpel). Monoecious is used in reference to the plant (morphologically one plant bearing both the sexes in their flowers.

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 Q 3 In  oogamy, female gamete is large and non-motile but the male gamete is reverse in its properties. Why such type of adjustment is there in higher organisms?

 Answer:In  oogamy, female gamete being larger and non motile, is an adaptation for having more food reserves that may be required for the future development. The male gamete has to move to reach the counterpart, so it has the machinery for its reaching and delivering the chromosomes. A lot of cytoplasm will means extra weight also. So both the sex cells have specialized themselves for their functions.

 Q4 Name organisms that reproduce to produce genetically similar individuals. What is the type of  eproduction do they follow? Why are the individuals so similar?

 Answer: Unicellular organisms. Asexual reproduction. Because they are morphologically and Genetically identical.

 Q5 How do gemmules and gemma cup differ from each other?

 Answer:  Gemmules are the internal buds found in coelenterates and sponges. Gemmae are the external buds found in bryophytes.

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