CBSE Class 12 Psychology Self And Personality Assignment



1. Discuss the concept of ‘self’.

2. What is meant by ‘personal identity’ and ‘social identity’? Explain with the help of example.

3. Define the following;

(i) Self-concept

(ii) Self-esteem

(iii) Self-efficacy

(iv) Self-regulation

(v) Self-control

(vi) Personality

(vii) Libido

(viii) Fixation

(ix) Regression

(x) Archetypes

4. How does self-esteem show a strong relationship with our everyday behaviour?

5. What role does self-efficacy play in our day-to-day life?

6. What are the 3 techniques of self-control?

7. Give at least 3 differences between western and Indian concept of self.

8. What are the characteristic features of personality?

9. Differentiate between type and trait approaches of personality.

10. Enumerate and explain the various type approaches of personality.

11. Name and discuss the various trait approaches of personality.

12. Write short notes on


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