CBSE Class 12 English Unseen Passage K

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CBSE Class 12 English Unseen Passage K. Students should do unseen passages for class 12 English which will help them to get better marks in English class tests and exams. Unseen passages are really scoring and practicing them on regular basis will be very useful. Refer to the unseen passage below with answers.

Read the passage below:

Vijaya Murthy has done it! This time with a big bang ! She has hit the headlines with an award from the National Council for Educational Research and Training (N.C.E.R.T) for her innovative techniques to improve the personalities of teachers.

It all began in 1981, when Vijaya took over as director of the S.I.E.S Institute of Pre-primary Education. She noticed that in spite of scoring well in theory, most of the trainee teachers were nowhere when it came to classroom teaching.

She remembers how she talked to them in class. "You will be teaching two to eight-year-olds. Their attention span is very short. To keep alive their interest in the topic or the subject, you must let your speech and action speak aloud. Be active in class and dance and play with the children." However, much to her chagrin, many of them did not listen to her. "There was this woman singing. “Twinkle, twinkle little star” and “up above the world so high,” her hands hardly went above her ears!”

Another teacher was so shy that she perspired profusely in class. Rajeshwari was in tears at her own plight. Lakshmi had no patience and Maria was almost dumb. These women were sincere and ambitious, but they needed help in an area that was beyond the scope of the pre-primary teachers' training syllabus, in spite of being an integral part of it.

Vijaya realised that a vast majority of her students were middle-class women. She says, "They are conditioned from early childhood to behave like ladies. Such restrictions inhibit the growth of their personality. They become shy, withdrawn and lose confidence in themselves."

Having pinpointed the root cause of the students' problems, Vijaya soon developed a set of 22 innovative workshops designed to help them. As the students take part in debates, singing, dancing, plays and other activities, they interact and their personalities begin to unfold. The teachers, too, learn more about the students and, after completion of the course, the individuals emerge as superior human beings.

Lakshmi, now a staff member, says, "I used to lose my temper while teaching and used to shout at my own children. After the workshop on sensitivity, I have become sensitive to the needs of the children and have grown more tolerant"

Dharma, who thought shyness was part of her nature, can now speak to strangers without hesitation. Rajeshwari has grown emotionally. She had some mental problems and often used to break down in tears. Now she is confident enough to run her own nursery school.

Much before the N.C.E.R.T. spotted her, Vijaya had received recognition in the educational world. She is a member of the St. Xavier's institute of Education and Comprehensive College of Education. Often, she is invited by schools to design and impart refresher courses for in-service training programmes for teachers. Ambitious schools request her to conduct workshops for introducing new, creative techniques in teaching  children.

Close to Vijaya's heart are the problems of women. The age bar for joining the course was 30. As soon as she took over, she did away with this. "Educated middle class women begin to live at 40. By this time, their children are grown up and pressures are lax. To keep the doors of educational institutions closed to them is to deny them the right to educate themselves," she muses.

Though fully wrapped up in her career, she does manage to take time off for social work as president of Stree Chetna', a women's organisation in Chembur. They carry out various activities related to the uplift of women. Vijaya herself takes up counselling sessions for harassed and depressed women. Stree Chetna, as the very name connotes, aims at awakening women. Women of this organisation ensure that they involve their sons also in housework and give their daughters equal opportunities for education andcareer building.

Vijaya's father was Deputy Education Officer in the BMC and her mother a professional social worker. Obviously, her education was taken care of very well. An M.A. in Child Development, with a Diploma in Primary Teachers' Training, she has a string of other qualifications that she has topped with a Ph.D

Nevertheless, she genuinely feels it would have been impossible for her to achieve anything without her husband's support, though she is not free of the usual guilt that working mothers harbour. "A professional woman deeply involved in her career is different. Any other working woman can afford to compartmentalise her work and home”. When asked about her future plans, she says she will continue with her research and at the same time implement her techniques in the field of education.

I.Read the passage carefully and choose the most appropriate option from those which are given below: 

1.Vijaya Murthy hit the headlines with an award from:

a) RBI




2.What did the Vijaya realised about the majority of the students:

a) That they are Middle class women

b) That they are low class women

c) That they are high class women

d)That they are upper class women               

3.Vijaya has received recognition in which field:

a) Emotional world

b) Educational world

c) Financial world

d) Social world 

II.(a) Answer the following questions briefly: 

1. What did Vijaya develop to help the students problem of shyness and lose confidence?

2. What schools used to request Vijaya Murthy?

3. After completion of the course, the___________ .

4. Vijaya’s Father was __________ and mother was _______. 

(b) Fill in the blanks with one word only: 

Nevertheless, she genuinely feels it would have been (a) _______ for her to achieve anything without her (b) _____ support, though she is not (c) _____ of the usual guilt that (d) _____ mothers harbour. 

III.Pick out the words from the passage which mean the same as the following: 

1.Came to exact point (para 6)

2.Think deeply (para 10) 

Suggested Answers for the above mentioned question:

I. 1.(d) NCERT

(a) That they are middle class women

(b) Educational world 

II.(a) 1. Vijaya developed a set of 22 innovative workshops designed to help her students. As the students take part in debates, singing, dancing, plays and other activities, they interact and their personalities begin to unfold. 

2.Ambitious schools request her to conduct workshops for introducing new, creative techniques in teaching children.                 

3. individuals emerge as superior human beings. 

4.Deputy Education Officer in BMC, professional social worker. 

(b) (1) impossible

(2) husband's

(3) free

(4) working 

III. (1) Pinpointed

(2) Muses

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