CBSE Class 3 English Sample Paper Set 1

Read and download PDF of CBSE Class 3 English Sample Paper Set 1 designed as per the latest curriculum and examination pattern for Class 3 issued by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. The latest Class 3 English Sample Papers have been provided with solutions so that the students can solve these practice papers and then compare their answers. This will help them to identify mistakes and improvement areas in English Standard 3 which they need to study more to get better marks in Grade 3 exams. After solving these guess papers also refer to solved Class 3 English Question Papers available on our website to build strong understanding of the subject

English Sample Paper Class 3

Students can refer to the below Class 3 English Sample Paper designed to help students understand the pattern of questions that will be asked in Grade 3 exams. Please download CBSE Class 3 English Sample Paper Set 1

English Class 3 Sample Paper


1. Write the missing lines of the poem ‘Sunshine’.

I’d scare away dragons



If I could hold sunshine



2. Look at the √ and x marks and write these people ‘can’ or can’t do. Use the words ‘and’ and ‘but’.

                           √             x      x

i. My small brother crawl    walk   run


                         x                 √                          x

ii. Jack-- ride a motorcycle    drive a car      ride a bicycle


                √                            √                 x

iii. My father-- play cricket   play ludo    play chess


            √                  x        √ 

iv. Susan— paint      skip     sing


                    x              √                 √ 

v. Raj-- speak Hindi     write Hindi    read Hindi


3. Write five sentences about these animals ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ do. Use the given words.

    frog    fish    butterfly    monkey     elephant


Swim in water


Climb trees

Walk on four legs



3. _______________________________


5. _______________________________

4. Complete these sentences with the right homophone.

i. a) A group of cattle is called a  __________

b) They were upset when they  __________ the bad news.

(herd, heard)

ii. a) Water is dripping through the  __________.

b) He ate the pizza.

(whole, hole)

iii. a) She made a  __________at the end of the thread.

b) You are not  __________ supposed to talk in the library

(not, knot)

iv. a) There is only __________ pencil in the box.

b) They __________ their cricket match.

(one, won)

v. a) James is too __________ to run.

b) The exams are starting from the next . __________

(week, weak)

vi. a) Do you __________ that an Ostrich can’t fly?

b) __________ one gave the answer to the question.

(know, no)

vii. a) Yes, it is the __________ answer.

b) I can’t  __________ with this pen.

(write, right)

5. Match the sentences with the right meanings in the blanks.

I. Bow 1. Bend with respect 2. Weapon 3. Knot

a) In ancient times people used to bow and arrow.________  .

b) Everyone stood up and bowed as the judge came in the court ________ . .

c) She had put a bow on her dress.________  .

II. Scale 1. Climb up 2. Skin 3. Tool

a) Use a scale to draw the line.________  .

b) She could scale the mountain quickly.________  .

c) Fish have scales on their body.________  .


6. Change the number of the following nouns from singular to plural.

Torch ________  life________  horse________ 

Ass________  tomato________  box________ 

Toe________  valley________  gas________ 

Fairy________  body________  mango ________ 

Mouse ________ child ________  wife

Lily________  ox________  bush________ 

Balloon________  inch________  leaf________ 


7. Change the following nouns from plural to singular.

Lakes ________     echoes ________  men________ 

Classes________   games________   chimneys________ 

Ponies ________  dishes ________  branches ________ 

Calves________  ladies ________  princes ________ 

Photos________  loaves________  toys________ 

Geese ________  heroes ________ volcanoes________ 

Deer ________  fairies ________  fish ________ 

Pianos ________ wolves ________ joys ________ 

8. Who said to whom?

1. “You are right!, I will set you free at once.”


2. “The plants in my garden always die.”


3. “I do not plant seeds.”


4. “This is a magic seed.”


5. “It will bear a fruit of gold in a day.”


6. “What can a poor man like you give me?”




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