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Question 1. What conditions must hold if a profit- maximizing firm produces positive output in a competitive market?
Or  Explain the producer’s equilibrium with MR/MC approach (when Price remains constant with the rise in output). Or
Explain the conditions of a producer’s equilibrium in terms of marginal cost and marginal revenue. Use diagram [CBSE Sample Paper 2012, 13] Or
Why is the equality between marginal cost and marginal revenue necessary for a firm to be in equilibrium? Is it sufficient to ensure equilibrium? Explain. [CBSE 2015} Or Elaborate the implication of the conditions of equilibrium of a firm. [CBSE Sample Paper 2016]
Answer: The conditions must hold if a profit maximizing firm produces positive output in a competitive market when price is constant under MR/MC approach is determined where,
(i) MR = MC (ii) MC must be rising
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According to Table, both the conditions of equilibrium are satisfied at 4 units of output. MC is equal to MR and MC is rising. MC is more than MR when output is produced after 4 units of output. So, Producer’s Equilibrium will be achieved at 4 units of output. However, MR is equal to MC at 2 units of output also. But, second condition is not fulfilled here.
Let us understand the determination of equilibrium with the help of a diagram:
Producer’s Equilibrium is determined at OQ level of output corresponding to point E as at 

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