CBSE Class 7 Computer Science MCQ

CBSE Class 7 Computer Science MCQ Set A with answers available in Pdf for free download. The MCQ Questions for Class 7 Computer Science with answers have been prepared as per the latest syllabus, NCERT books and examination pattern suggested in Standard 7 by CBSE, NCERT and KVS. Multiple Choice Questions are an important part of Term 1 and Term 2 exams for Grade 7 Computer Science and if practiced properly can help you to get higher marks. Refer to more Chapter-wise MCQs for NCERT Class 7 Computer Science and also download more latest study material for all subjects

Computer Science Class 7 MCQ

Class 7 Computer Science students should refer to the following multiple-choice questions with answers for Computer Science in standard 7. These MCQ questions with answers for Grade 7 Computer Science will come in exams and help you to score good marks

Class 7 Computer Science MCQ Questions with Answers





Question: Physical part of a computer are known as___________

  • a) Software
  • b) Hardware
  • c) Operating System
  • d) System unit

Answer: Hardware


Question: ___________is a place where processing takes place

  • a) Box
  • b) CPU
  • c) Monitor
  • d) System unit

Answer: System unit


Question: Processor is fixed on the         

  • a) Fan
  • b) Chipboard
  • c) Motherboard
  • d) Expansion slot

Answer: Motherboard


Question: There are         types of memory

  • a) Two
  • b) Three
  • c) One
  • d) Four

Answer: Two


Question:  A Processor acts like a/an      

  • a) Heart
  • b) Arm
  • c) Brain
  • d) Kidney

Answer: Brain


Question: Arithmetic operations are performed by         

  • a) LU
  • b) AU
  • c) ALU
  • d) CU

Answer: AU


Question:  A Processor is also known as                             

  • a) CPU
  • b) UPS
  • c) UPC
  • d) PUS

Answer: CPU


Question: Which of the  following part of the CPU controls the sequence of the instructions?

  • a) AU
  • b) CU
  • c) LU
  • d) ALU

Answer: CU


Question: RAM stands for          

  • a) Random Access Memory  
  • b) Random Analysis  
  • c) Read Able Memory
  • d) Random Available Memory

Answer: Random Access Memory  


Question: ROM stores data         

  • a) Permanently
  • b) Temporarily
  • c) Partially
  • d) Fully

Answer: Permanently


Question: Which of the following is the highest speed slot?

  • a) ISA
  • b) AGP
  • c) PCI
  • d) AGC

Answer: AGP


Question: A video game is played by using        card

  • a) Sound
  • b) Modem
  • c) Graphics
  • d) Network information

Answer: Sound


Question: Barcode Reader is a/an           device

  • a) Output
  • b) Input
  • c) Display
  • d) Storage

Answer: Input


Question:           is used in security system and criminal investigations

  • a) Fingerprint Reader
  • b) Robots
  • c) Sound card
  • d) Barcode Reader

Answer: Fingerprint Reader


Question:              is also known as mechanical agent

  • a) Computer
  • b) Barcode Reader
  • c) Processor
  • d) Robots

Answer: Robots


Question: _____ is the set of instruction given to the computer to perform a specific task

  • a) Monitor
  • b) Hardware
  • c) Software
  • d) Printer

Answer: Software


Question: _____is the most famous type of Operating System for personal computer

  • a) Linux
  • b) Unix
  • c) Microsoft Windows
  • d) Mac OS

Answer: Microsoft Windows


Question: A system software that helps Operating System to communicate with a device is called     

  • a) Operating system
  • b) Device Driver
  • c) Utility
  • d) Graphics Software

Answer: Device Driver


Question:  ____ is a program that allows a user to analyze and maintain a computer

  • a) Utility
  • b) Device Driver
  • c) Widows XP
  • d) MS office

Answer: Utility


Question: _____ creates a link between a user and the computer

  • a) Device Driver
  • b) Utilities
  • c) Operating System
  • d) Image Viewer

Answer: Operating System




Question: Windows explorer serves as a             

  • a) System Manager
  • b) File Manager
  • c) Web Browser
  • d) Device Manager

Answer: File Manager


Question:  ____ is a utility program that provides a facility to view and manage images

  • a) Image Viewer
  • b) Text Viewer
  • c) System Viewer
  • d) File Viewer

Answer: Image Viewer


Question: Disk scanner in windows is known as            

  • a) Disk Cleanout
  • b) Disk Cleanup
  • c) Disk Cleaning 
  • d) Disk Defragmenter

Answer: Disk Cleanup


Question: A computer software that helps users to do a specific task on a computer is known as        

  • a) System Software
  • b) Ms office Software 
  • c) Anti-virus Software
  • d) Application Software

Answer: Application Software


Question:                          software are used to learn a particular skill

  • a) Graphics
  • b) Multimedia      
  • c) Educational
  • d) Reference

Answer: Educational


Question: Computer games is an example of                software

  • a) Entertainment
  • b) Exam Preparation
  • c) Reference  
  • d) System

Answer: Entertainment


Question: Encyclopedia is an example of                      software

  • a) Entertainment
  • b) Educational
  • c) Productivity
  • d) Reference

Answer: Reference


Question: _____ is a renowned composing software

  • a) MS PowerPoint   
  • b) MS Word
  • c) Typing tutor
  • d) Adobe Photoshop

Answer: MS Word


Question:_____  software are used to create visual presentations

  • a) Graphics
  • b) Multimedia
  • c) MS Paint
  • d) MS Excel

Answer: Multimedia


Question: When a computer starts, operating system checks all the       and loads their drivers so a user can work properly

  • a) Program
  • b) Devices           
  • c) Drivers
  • d) Network

Answer: Devices           


Question: Word is a type of        software

  • a) System
  • b) Application
  • c) Utility
  • d) Device Driver

Answer: Application


Question:            view is the best way to see the work in Word

  • a) Outline
  • b) Draft
  • c) Print Layout
  • d) Full Screen Reading

Answer: Print Layout


Question: A user can view different areas of along document by          a document

  • a) Clipping
  • b) Breaking
  • c) Splitting
  • d) Cutting

Answer: Splitting


Question: Delete key deletes letters from the                  side

  • a) Right
  • b) Up
  • c) Down
  • d) Left

Answer: Right


Question: Undo feature is used to                      last change made in the document

  • a) Discard
  • b) Store
  • c) Update            
  • d) Save

Answer: Discard


Question: Word shows the document information (total pages, words) on the             bar

  • a) Drawing
  • b) Status
  • c) Scroll
  • d) Progress

Answer: Status


Question: Changing the width of the lines in a paragraph is known as                

  • a) Formatting
  • b) Spacing
  • c) Indentation
  • d) Alignment

Answer: Indentation


Question: _______ is used to position the text on a specific location

  • a) Space
  • b) Backspace
  • c) Arrow Keys
  • d) Tab

Answer: Tab


Question: ________is break is a point where current page ends and a new page begins

  • a) Paragraph
  • b) Page
  • c) Section
  • d) Line

Answer: Page


Question: A user can separate part of a document by using                    break

  • a) Page
  • b) Paragraph
  • c) Section
  • d) Line

Answer: Section


Question: ______ is amount of spaces between the text and edges of your paper

  • a) Margin
  • b) Alignment
  • c) Border
  • d) None of above

Answer: Margin


Question: Soft page break is also known as         page break

  • a) Hard
  • b) Long
  • c) Short
  • d) Automatic

Answer: Automatic


Question: ________are next or pictures that appear behind the document text

  • a) Page number
  • b) Fonts
  • c) Columns
  • d) Watermarks

Answer: Watermarks


Question: Always             a document before printing

  • a) Preview
  • b) View
  • c) Write
  • d) Read

Answer: Preview


Question: ________ is the way in which text is placed between the margins of a page

  • a) Numbering      
  • b) Pasting
  • c) Watermark
  • d) Alignment

Answer: Alignment


Question: A single page of presentation created in PowerPoint is called           

  • a) Slide
  • b) Media
  • c) Text
  • d) Slide Show

Answer: Slide


Question: There are                                      elements of multimedia

  • a) Four
  • b) Three
  • c) Tow
  • d) Five

Answer: Five


Question: The combination of letters and numbers is known as                         

  • a) Alphabets
  • b) Numbers
  • c) Symbols
  • d) Text

Answer: Text


Question: Cartoon movies are the example of                            

  • a) Painting
  • b) Animation
  • c) Drawing          
  • d) Photograph

Answer: Animation


Question: The digital representation of nontext information is called     

  • a) Sound
  • b) Video
  • c) Graphics
  • d) Animation

Answer: Graphics


Question: The movement of an object is created by using                       technique

  • a) Animation
  • b) Presentation 
  • c) Motion
  • d) Execution

Answer: Animation


Question: The name of the PowerPoint file is seen on the          

  • a) Menu
  • b) Title
  • c) Scroll
  • d) Status

Answer: Title


Question: _______ is the keyboard shortcut key to create a new file in the PowerPoint

  • a) Ctrl+N
  • b) Ctrl+V
  • c) Ctrl+C
  • d) Ctrl+P

Answer: Ctrl+N


Question: All slide layouts contain boxes with dotted borders called                

  • a) Titleholder
  • b) Placeholder
  • c) Box holder
  • d) Text holder

Answer: Placeholder


Question: The presentation of all slides created in PowerPoint is called                        

  • a) Slide Design
  • b) Slide view
  • c) Slide Show
  • d) Laser Show

Answer: Slide Show


Question: Slide                                          are the effects that determine how a slide moves in and Out of the view in the slideshow

  • a) Animation
  • b) Transition
  • c) Layout
  • d) Templates

Answer: Transition


Question: In which Tab a user can find Slide Transition?

  • a) Home Tab
  • b) Animation Tab
  • c) Review Tab
  • d) Design Tab

Answer: Design Tab


Question: The list of animated effects that a user can apply to selected object on the slide is called    

  • a) Smooth Animation
  • b) Long Animation
  • c) Slide Animation  
  • d) Custom Animation

Answer: Custom Animation


Question: The arrangement of the objects on the slide is known as slide           

  • a) Transition
  • b) Show
  • c) Design
  • d) Layout

Answer: Layout


Question: Sending and Receiving message and files electrically is known as_____________

  • a) E-mail
  • b) F-mail
  • c) H-mail
  • d) C-mail

Answer: E-mail


Question: Storage area or “mailbox” supplied by an e-mail service provider is called   

  • a) Inbox
  • b) Bank account
  • c)  E-mail account
  • d) Commercial account

Answer:  E-mail account


Question: _______  is a unique name chosen by a user while creating an e-mail

  • a) Login      
  • b) Password
  • c) Subject
  • d) Username

Answer: Username


Question: The name of the e-mail service provider comes after            

  • a) $
  • b) @
  • c) *
  • d) #

Answer: @


Question: Can two friends have same e-mail address? 

  • a) Yes
  • b) No
  • c) May be
  • d) No idea

Answer: No


Question: A user has to click on the          button to create a new e-mail account 

  • a) Sign on
  • b) Sign out
  • c) Sign in
  • d) Sign up

Answer: Sign up


Question: Cc: stands for                                              

  • a) Cat Copy
  • b) Cat Copy
  • c) Cool Copy
  • d) Can’t Copy

Answer: Cat Copy


Question: Incoming message are stored in a folder known as    

  • a) Outbox
  • b) Inbox
  • c) Post Box
  • d) Mail box

Answer: Inbox


Question: E-mail are arranged in inbox with respect to                          

  • a) Names
  • b) Date and time
  • c) Client and Server
  • d) Subject

Answer: Date and time


Question: All replied and send e-mail are stored in a     folder

  • a) Drafts
  • b) Inbox
  • c) Sent
  • d) Trash/Deleted

Answer: Sent


Question: _______ folder is used to store the deleted e-mails

  • a) Drafts
  • b) Trash
  • c) Sent
  • d) Junk

Answer: Trash


Question: All outgoing messages are stored in     folder

  • a) Inbox
  • b) Deleted
  • c) Sent
  • d) Drafts

Answer: Sent


Question:  ______ means to close an e-mail account

  • a) Sign up
  • b) Delete
  • c) Sign in
  • d) Sign out

Answer: Sign out


Question: To answer a received e-mail is called               an e-mail

  • a) Read
  • b) Reply
  • c) Write
  • d) Compose

Answer: Reply


Question: ______  is a keyboard short cut key to compose an e-mail 

  • a) Ctrl+P
  • b) Ctrl+C
  • c) Ctrl+N
  • d) Ctrl+X

Answer: Ctrl+N


Computer Science MCQ for Class 7
CBSE Class 7 Computer Science MCQ

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