CBSE Class 12 History Colonial Cities Urbanization Planning and Architecture Assignment

CBSE Class 12 History Colonial Cities Urbanization Planning and Architecture Assignment. Based on CBSE and CCE guidelines. The students should read these basic concepts to gain perfection which will help him to get more marks in CBSE examination.


Q1. How did prominent Indian merchants establish themselves in the colonial city ?

Ans. Prominent Indian merchant establish themselves in colonial city in different phases. They establish themselves in all the three metro colonial cities i.e., Madras (Channai), Bombay (Mumbai) and Calcutta (Kolkata).

First of all these Indian merchants tried to establish their relation of the agents of the company. As there all colonial cities were trade centre and administrative official. Therefore the Indian merchants could easily getestablish their relation with the Europeans. There cities were having different types of comforts such as modern hotels, restaurant, lodging, boarding, transport fancilities, roadways and shipping.

Later on Bombay become a major trade centre of opium with China. Prominent Indian merchant played active role in collecting opium from different places of Rajasthan and Malwa. They use to bring opium on the back of horses, ponies, camels by road transport etc. They use to earn a lot of money as middle man between farmers and companies agents and officials. Not only East India Company but some of the government official and later or other European also participated in illegal trade of opium. The Indian prominent merchant become very rich. They constructed big building in all big cities of colonial period.

As the industrial revolution in England started and expanded. These colonial cities became entry point for British manufacture goods and for the expert of Indian ram materials (which was to be used in large scale industries and factories of England). The prominent Indian merchant also participated in there trade activities.

The introduction of railways in 1853 meant a change in the fortunes of towns. Economic activity gradually shifted away from traditional towns which were located along old routes and rivers. Every railway station became a collection depot for raw materials and a distribution point for imported goods. For instance, Mirzapur on the Ganges, which specialized in collecting cotton goods from the Deccan, declined when a railway link was made to Bombay. With the expansion of the railway network, railway workships and railways colonies were established Railways towns like Jamalpur, Waltair and Bareilly developed.

The Indian merchants included the people of different communities and castes such as Parsi, Marwari, Konkani, Arbs, Gujarati. Baniyas, Boras and Jews. Some of the members of this community invested money in modern big industry, shipping and Airlines also. They donated money for construction of inns, wells, tanks, temples, Mosque, Churches and other places of religion and worships.

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