CBSE Class 5 English Recalling Verbs Assignment

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Recalling verbs

Verb is a doing word. It shows a state.

Verb forms predicate of a sentence. There can be no sentence without a verb. Verbs indicate the time of doing or being by tenses. There are three tenses of a verb, i.e- present, past and future. All sentences must have a verb and a subject.

Practice Exercise

A. Underline the subject and verb in these sentences . Write ‘S’ under the subject and ‘V’ under the verb.

a. The birds are building their nests.


b. Raj buys sweets every day.


c. Ravi loves ice-cream.


d. Mother gives us milk for breakfast.


e. A dog is digging a hole.


B. Fill in each blank with a suitable auxiliary verb from the bracket.

a. He and I ______________working. (is, are)

b. ______________you know him? (do, does)

c. When the boat overturned we _____________able to swim to the bank. (was, were)

d. It _________________necessary that you wash the car. (is, are)

e. ________________the warning bell rung? (has, have)

C. Complete each sentence with the simple present form of the verb in the brackets.

a. The river _______________under the bridge. (flow)

b. We ___________every morning. (jog)

c. The girl ______________playing with her mother. (enjoy)

d. Students _____________hard during their exams. (study)

e. Abdul __________to be a doctor. (want)

D. Complete each sentence with the simple past form of the verb in the brackets.

a. He ________________me for what I had done. (thank)

b. Mr.John _____________a strange sound.(hear)

c. She ________________happy and at peace.(look)

d. The steamer __________________yesterday.(sail)

e. She _____________school last year.(leave)

E. Imagine that it is your first day at school and you don’t know anyone in class. Introduce yourself telling your classmates your name, and a little about your interests-such as your favourite cartoon character, what you like to eat, your pet dog etc. Remember all the verbs must be in simple present tense.








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