CBSE Class 5 Assignments for all subjects Set C

Read and download free pdf of CBSE Class 5 Assignments for all subjects Set C. Get printable school Assignments for Class 5 English. Standard 5 students should practise questions and answers given here for English in Grade 5 which will help them to strengthen their understanding of all important topics. Students should also download free pdf of Printable Worksheets for Class 5 English prepared as per the latest books and syllabus issued by NCERT, CBSE, KVS and do problems daily to score better marks in tests and examinations



CLASS – V English


 Do not get the Holidays’ homework done by anyone else. It must be the effort of the child. Parents must act as guides and facilitators but not substitutes to do the work.

 The Homework must be done systematically as per the given instructions.

 Holidays’ Home work should be seen as an interesting way of utilizing time and energy.

 The last date of submission of holiday homework is 20th June, 2013. No homework will be accepted after the last date.

 All files, scrap books, projects and models should be neatly labelled and the name, class, section and admission number of the child should be mentioned clearly.

 The holiday homework will be graded in as part of Evaluation and assessment of students.

Q1. Watch any cartoon channel, but only in English and prepare a script showing bravery and characters like CHOTA BHEEM/ Ben 10. Prepare yourself for role play by learning dialogues from your script. Your teacher will judge your performance after the vacation.

Q2. Plural of a noun signifies a collection of the specified object. Most of the words add ‘s’ to the root form without any change. Eg - clock – clocks, but words ending in sh, ch, ss, x, and z usually add ‘es’ to form the plural (box – boxes, branch. branches, bush – bushes etc) Make a list of 15 words each ending in sh, ch, ss, x and z.

Q3 Poetry is a base of life and adds hues to it. Develop a poet within you and compose one original poem on anyone of the following themes but don’t forget to record your voice in a new CD. Bring it in school after vacation duly labelled.

Q4 Prepare your own questionnaire and conduct an interview of your grandparents or any other old-aged persons asking them in what ways their life was different from yours when they were young. Write the points to compare your life with theirs in your own words with related photographs. Also make an audio recording of your interview.

Q5. Prepare your own ‘English Grammar book’ based on your reading of literature book that includes

i. 20 Idioms with their meanings, and sentences based on them

ii. 20 phrases with their meaning. , and sentences based on them

iii. 20 New words and write their antonyms and synonyms

iv. 20 verbs in all three forms

v. 20 one word substitution, and sentences based on them

Q6. Watch at least three English movies (like Tom Sawyer/ King Kong/ Juman Ji/ Harry Potter/ any other movie of your choice) and write the review of the movie you liked the most in your own words.

Q7. Collect at least ten articles from the newspaper or magazine about “Junk Food “and paste in your scrap file. Write your views about the same in about 100 words each. Draw a poster on the theme “Say No to Junk Food”. Underline 2 new words from each article and find out their meanings from the dictionary and make sentences from the same.

Attempt allll the questiions iin scrap fiille ::

Q1. Collect the information about any five cricket players. Depict the collected information in tabular form with pictures (using internet and newspaper). For e.g. Then arrange them in ascending and descending order on the basis of their scores.

CBSE Class 5 Assignments for all subjects (1)

Q2. Collect information about the mathematician (B(ASKARA )) Regarding his birth place, education and contibution to mathematics and write it in the scrapbook. Paste his photograph also.(use internet)

Q3. In a scrapbook,make a list of 30 items your family bought during your vacation and prepare a bill for your shopping. Use the format given below.

CBSE Class 5 Assignments for all subjects (1)

Q4. While travelling we all have to follow traffic rules. If you violate the rules you have to pay a fine. Find out 7 such traffic rules and the amount of fine you have to pay.

Q5 Learn and write tables from2 to 20 .Also write tables from 10- 20 in words (e.g. Ten one)s are Ten

Q6. Solve, cut and paste 2 Sudoku puzzles per week in your scrap file.


 Do allll the work on lloose A-4 siize sheets..

1.. It iis your biirthday and you have iinviited a new ffriiend off yours,, who lliives near the schooll.. Now draw a sketch to expllaiin to your ffriiend speciiffyiing majjor lland marks..

2.. Make a weather callendar ffor a week.. Use piicture or symbolls to show diifffferent types off weather.. You can use more than one symboll ffor a day..

3.. Collllect iinfformatiion about the Dellhii Metro.. Fiind out why thiis projject was iimpllemented and how iit proved ffruiitffull ffor such a megaciity..

4.. Prepare a poster appealliing to the sociiety to stop ffemalle iinffantiiciide..

5.. Conduct a survey iin your neiighbourhood and ffiillll iin the box bellow based on the data collllected

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