CBSE Class 5 English Recalling Adjectives Assignment

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Recalling Adjectives

Adjectives are words that give colour, shape, size, sound and feeling to nouns. They paint a clearer picture of the nouns.

Adjectives of degree may describe nouns as they are (positive degree)

e.g: I have a long rope.

Or compared to another? (Comparative degree)

e.g: My rope is longer than your’s.

Or compared to all others (superlative degree)

e. g : Todd has the longest rope of all.

There are many kinds of adjectives. The following are some of them.

a. Qualitative adjectives (of what kind)

e. g. a dark night, a tall man

b. Quantitative adjectives (how much, how many, or what position)

e. g. many animals ,some books, no man

Practice Exercise

A. Read the poem given below and encircle all the adjectives.

All things bright and beautiful .

All creatures great and small

All things wise and wonderful

The lord God made them all.

The cold wind in the winter

The pleasant summer sun,

The ripe fruits in the garden

He made them everyone.

B. All the adjectives in the poem are in positive degree. Write the adjectives in their comparative and superlative degree.

Positive  Comparative  Superlative

__________________ ____________________ ___________________

__________________ ___________________ ____________________

__________________ ___________________ ____________________

__________________ ___________________ ____________________

__________________ ___________________ ____________________

C. Fill in the blanks using the correct degrees of adjectives given in the bracket.

a. My school is the _____________in the city. (good)

b. The building of our school is very ______________. (beautiful)

c. Anu is a _______________friend of mine. (good)

d. She is the ____________________girl in our class. (intelligent)

e. Her _____________sister is the head girl. (old)

D. Encircle the adjectives from the following sentences and state of what kind each is:

a. The small car was driven by a fat man. ________________________

b. The clever boy won the prize. ________________________

c. There is little sugar in the jar. ________________________

d. Give me the new pen. ________________________

e. She has won many prizes. ________________________

E. Fill in the blanks with correct form of adjectives.

a. There is _________time to prepare the lesson.(many ,enough, much)

b. _________salt is needed to improve the taste.(many, more, few)

c. You have_________________ sense of direction.(no, any, much)

d. We have__________ ration for the week.(some, much, enough)

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