CBSE Class 5 English Recalling Pronouns Assignment

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Recalling Pronouns

A pronoun is a word that is used in place of a noun or a group of words that acts like a noun. I, he, she, he, she, it, we, we, you, they are called personal pronouns. E.g. Altaf told Ashraf that Altaf would help Ashraf. Altaf told Ashraf that he would help him. The words in bold are used in place of nouns. They are called pronouns.

The various forms of personal pronouns are:

CBSE Class 5 English Assignment-Recalling Pronouns

Practice Exercise

A. Change the highlighted words in these sentences into pronouns.

a. Raju said that Raju had a headache.


b. Reema found an old ball. Reema threw the ball away.


c. The boys were unhappy .The boys had been punished.


B. Choose the correct personal pronouns from those given in brackets and fill in the blanks:

a. Rajeev is more stronger than___________________ (I, me) am.

b. Can I borrow this book of ________________ (your, yours) for a day?

c. The children like ______________ ( their, themselves) toys.

d. Have you seen the ship.________________ (He ,It) is really beautiful.

C. Using suitable pronouns complete the following passage.

On Sunday, all our families, that is Raju’s, Sana’s and mine, went on a picnic.

___________ate a big lunch and elders went to sleep under the trees. Sana, Raju and ____________went for a walk. ___________crossed a big field. ______________heard a loud snort. A bull in the corner of the field started to chase _______________. We ran very fast. There was a wired fence around the field. _____________crawled under it . Raju and I helped Sana to cross from under the fence _________tore her frock and bruised her arms and legs. ________________families were very angry with _____________. ___________ had to leave the picnic and take ____________to the doctor.

D. Fill in the blanks with appropriate pronouns and underline the nouns that they stand for.

a. This is a good book. _______is written by Enid Blyton.

b. Our teacher, Mrs Khan, is very gentle. ___________is kind to everyone.

c. Meera and I are classmates.______________ are good at mathematics.

d. Diana is a very helpful girl. I am fond of ________________.

e. Our neighbours are very friendly. Everyone likes ____________________.


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