CBSE Class 5 English Recalling Noun Assignment

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Recalling nouns

A noun is a name for all things, places, animals or persons.

e.g.: apple, bookshelf, cinema hall, pilot, etc

Kinds of nouns are:

Common noun is a name for all the things, places, animals or persons.

e. g. apple, bookshelf, cinema hall, pilot etc.

Proper noun is a unique name given to a particular thing, place, animal or person.

e.g Aligarh, Damini, Bruj, Khalifa etc.

Collective noun is the name of a collection or group of similar things or persons,

e.g flock, team, bundle, crowd etc.

Abstract noun is the noun that name qualities in person, animals or things.

e.g kindness, strength, affection etc.

Practice Exercise

A. Read the passage carefully and underline all the nouns and write them in their respective columns:

Dewali Mela

Yesterday was one of my happiest days in a long time. I had gone to a Dewali Mella with my cousins. It was held at Rajouri garden in Gupta colony. Every year we have such celebration during Dewali. Massive crowd had gathered there this time. A troupe of Russian dancers gave us stunning performance. They were awarded the first time by the jury. Another group of actors staged a beautiful play on patriotism. The audience was thrilled. There were various stalls for eatables, toys, flowers, clothes etc. I bought a bouquet for my grandmother and a few toys for my sister. There were many foreign tourists as well to enjoy these festivities. I saw a couple carrying two beautiful puppies in a basket. They brought some nuts for them.

Common noun

Proper noun

Collective noun

Abstract noun

B. Provide a suitable proper noun for the following common nouns.

a. Prime minister ____________________

b. Planet _____________________

c. Singer _____________________

d. Political party _____________________

e. Ocean _____________________

C. Fill in the blanks with the names of places.

a. We keep our clothes in a ______________________

b. Coins are made in a _______________________

c. Criminals are put in a _______________________

d. Milk products are made in a _______________________

e. We go to study in a _______________________

D. Fill up the blanks with a suitable collective noun from those provided in the box.

a. We bought a ______________________ of bananas from the fruit vendor.

b. The ________________of musicians played melodious songs.

c. Helen broke her _______________________of beads accidentally.

d. I and my neighbours keep our________________ of flats neat.

e. The hungry bear was surrounded by a _________________ of bees.

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