CBSE Class 5 English Revision Assignment Set C

Read and download free pdf of CBSE Class 5 English Revision Assignment Set C. Get printable school Assignments for Class 5 English. Standard 5 students should practise questions and answers given here for English in Grade 5 which will help them to strengthen their understanding of all important topics. Students should also download free pdf of Printable Worksheets for Class 5 English prepared as per the latest books and syllabus issued by NCERT, CBSE, KVS and do problems daily to score better marks in tests and examinations


Q.1- Is Maricel an ordinary chef? Why/Why not?



Q.2 - How did Maricel lose her hands?



Q.3 - Complete the sentences with do or make.

a) I don’t feel like ____________________ anything on Sunday evenings.

b) I need to _____________a phone call; we can draw later.

Q.4 - Change the meaning of the words below by adding a prefix.

a) moral ___________________ b) important ___________________

Q.5 - Fill in the blanks with the simple present tense of the verbs given in the brackets:

a) You ________ these answers well. (know)

b) She ___________ excellent arguments to prove her point. (give)

c) The ostrich, which is now found only in some African countries, _________

(be) the largest living bird.

d) It ______________ (have) only two toes.

Q.6 - Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the present continuous tense of

the verbs given in the brackets.

a) They ____________________________furniture for their new flat. (buy)

b) I ______________________________ to the market. (go)

c) She _________________________________ a poem. (write)

d)The children _____________________________ in the field. (run)

Q.7 - Fill in the blanks with simple present tense or present continuous tense.

a) He usually ___________________ the car slowly and carefully.(drive)

b) Today he ________________________ the car very fast.(drive)

Q.8 - Write down the -ing form of the following verbs:

a) die _______________ b)put ______________________

c) write ____________________ d)buy _________________________

Q.9 - Tick the correct verbs.

a) The sun rise/rises in the east.

b) They go/goes for a walk everyday in the morning.

c) We are /is reading.

d) He is/are laughing.

Q.10 - Present simple or present continuous.

a) We go to school everyday. ______________________________________

b) We are going to school now. ____________________________________

c) Stars shine at night.____________________________________________

d) The stars are shining. __________________________________________

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