CBSE Class 5 Assignments for all subjects Set A

Read and download free pdf of CBSE Class 5 Assignments for all subjects Set A. Get printable school Assignments for Class 5 English. Standard 5 students should practise questions and answers given here for English in Grade 5 which will help them to strengthen their understanding of all important topics. Students should also download free pdf of Printable Worksheets for Class 5 English prepared as per the latest books and syllabus issued by NCERT, CBSE, KVS and do problems daily to score better marks in tests and examinations



Bokaro Steel City

Class : V HOLIDAY HOMEWORK – 2014-2015

Dear Students

Summer Vacation is a welcome break but…… Good Habits and Good Manners are life long assets and manners must be practiced until they become a habit. Four magic words that are basics of good manners are – Please, Thank you, Excuse me and Sorry. Make these four words a habit and see the difference. Try to practice these manners -

Manners :

At home :

• Help to keep the house clean especially the areas you use. Clear the toys, books or crafts that remain after you have finished.

• Honesty is the best policy. Tell the truth at all times.

• Be polite.

• Share the T.V time. Do not sit too close while watching T.V.

• Be fair with your friends, brothers and sisters.

• Be responsible.

At the dining table :

• Take small helpings and refill, clean your plate up.

• Take small bites, eat neatly, slowly with your mouth closed.

• Help to clear the table and clean up.

In the park :

• Littering makes the park untidy.

• Destroying the plants or plucking the flowers will spoil the beauty.

• Wait for your turn on swing and slides.

At a party :

• Wish the host.

• Don't mess up somebody's house.

While shopping :

• Softly ask your parent for what you want. If refused, don't throw a tantrum.

• Be careful, don't touch any breakable item. On the telephone :

• If there are no elders around, don't let the phone ring long, answer it.

• Talk softly when someone is speaking on the phone and don't interrupt. Hygiene :

• Brush your teeth twice a day.

• Do trim your nails often.

• Do not waste water and electricity.

• Keep your surroundings and environment clean. It is bad habit to throw things out of the window, car or a balcony.

• Make friends having good habits who respect their elders and use good language.

Be Eco-Friendly :

• Plant trees and conserve your natural resources

Sub : English

1. Make a collage of News headings. Give it any shape and beautify it. Paste cuttings of any one News headlines for 5-7 consecutive days along with day and date. (Activity should be done on chart paper)

2. Design posters on any one of the following themes -

(i) Say no to poly bags (ii) Right to education (iii) Donate blood

(iv) Stop child labour (v) Save girl child (vi) Save tiger

3. Make a personal diary / a note book and write a diary entry everyday in your vacation. You can write about …………………………….

(i) Your most exciting moment

(ii) Any adventure activity that you did

(iii) Any function you have attended

(iv) How you visited or met your dear ones?

(v) Any place you visited during holidays.

4. Do cursive handwriting in the book from pgs. 2 to 10.

5. Pictorial presentation of “Spring Season” on chart paper. (Project)

Sub : Social Studies

1. Note down the weather of Bokaro (Maximum and Minimum) temperatures for about ten days and observe the changes in the weather every day. Make a chart of daily weather changes using these observations.

2. Draw the important lines of latitudes and longitudes on a globe.

3. Draw all the signs and symbols from the lesson “Maps – Our Guides”.

4. Make a model of a globe in the form of a lamp-shade.

5. Define the following : axis, latitudes, longitudes, International Date Line.

6. Learn and revise the Questions and Answers done in the class.

Note : Holiday Home-work to be done in the S.St. File.

Sub : General Science

Note : All the homework to be done in a separate thin copy.

1. Revise Lesson-1 and 2

2. Write and practice any 10 spellings from L-1 and L-2

3. Mention any three involuntary actions controlled by the spinal cord.

4. Draw, colour and label the following :

(i) Reflex action showing the diagram of the spinal cord.

General Instructions:

1. Complete your holiday home work in the computer copy.

2. Submit your computer copy in your very first computer class after the school re-opens.

1. Draw or paste the pictures of any four Input and Output Devices and write few line about them.

2. Using MS WORD Table menu create a calendar of your Birth Day month for this year. Highlight your B'Day by making it Bold and by increasing the font size. You can use clip art pictures, word art and other formatting options to make the calendar attractive. Take a print out of the same and paste it in your computer copy.

3. Write the short cut keys for the following:

a) Select all contents

b) Print

c) Save a document

d) Open a new document

e) Close the current window.

f) Undo last action

g) Redo last action

h) Change the font size.

i) Maximise the current window.

j) Minimise the current window.

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