CBSE Class 12 Economics Forms Of Market VBQs

CBSE Class 12 Economics Forms Of Market VBQs read and download in pdf. Value Based Questions come in exams for Economics in Standard 12 and are easy to learn and helpful in scoring good marks. You can refer to more chapter wise VBQs for Class 12 Economics and also get latest topic wise very useful study material as per latest 2021 NCERT book for Class 12 Economics and all other subjects for free on Studiestoday designed as per latest Grade 12 CBSE, NCERT and KVS syllabus and examination pattern

CBSE Class 12 Value Based Questions - Economics - Forms of Market Based on CBSE and NCERT guidelines. Value based questions are now being given in exams to promote morals and values in students, Students should read and understand the following VBQs to get better understanding and score good marks in exams

Value based questions-Micro-Unit IV-Forms of Market.
1. The higher the degree of product differentiation in the monopolistic competition, the higher the element of monopoly. How? (3)

A firm under monopolistic competition is neither a price taker nor a price maker. However, it is able to exercise partial control over price by differentiating their products. By producing a unique product or establishing a particular reputation, a firm is in a position to influence the price.

Value:- Critical thinking./consumer welfare ignored

2. How does the price discrimination influence the monopolist to earn abnormal profit? (3)

A monopolist may charge different prices for the same product from different sets of consumers at the same time. By practicing price discrimination, the monopoist can dominate the entire market and can earn abnormal profit.
For example, a doctor can charge less fees from poor people and can get more from the rich people. So he has the power to set his price without losing his entire share of the market.

Value: Social responsibility

3. Do you think perfect competition is practice- able now? (1)

Not possible, unrealistic one because in the real world , homogeneous product is unrealistic
due to large no. of sellers and stiff competition. Consumer prefers variety.

Value: Critical thinking

4. consumer awareness is necessary for a buyer in a monopolistic competition. Why? (3)
 product differentiation and price discrimination exists in this competition, consumer will be exploited otherwise.

Value: Consumer awareness/consumer rights.

5. Is existence of monopoly beneficial to the society? (3)
Efficient utilization of resources/ cost effective technology/ social
Welfare can be achieved.-ex: Indian railways.

Value: Social welfare./efficiency of individual recognized.



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