CBSE Class 7 Social Science Sample Paper Set Y

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CBSE Class 7 Social Science Sample Paper Set Y.Sample Papers are the very important for every student. The sample papers should be practiced to gain extra marks in examinations. The sample papers have been prepared based on summative assessment1 and summative assessment 2 pattern. The sample papers have been prepared based on pattern of last year examinations and as per latest changes in the syllabus. Students, teachers and parents can download all CBSE educational material and very well prepared worksheets from this website.  All CBSE educational material is developed by our panel of teachers, have also been submitted by CBSE teachers and students. 

(Multiple choice questions i to xv carry 1 mark each)

1 . Write the correct answer from the given choices.

i. Hampi was the capital of ___________Empire.

a) Mughal b) Chalukya c) Chola d) Vijayanagara

ii. Paiks were ________.

a) forced labourers b) nomadic tribesm c) shifting cultivators d) poets

iii. Ramanuja was influenced by the _____________.

a) Nayanars b) Sufis c) Alvars d) Siddhas

iv. Odissi is a classical dance of ___________.

a) Tamil Nadu b) Kerala c) Manipur d) Odisha

v. Who started the concept of Langar

a) Guru Gobind Singh b) Guru Arjun Singh c) Guru Nanak d) Guru Tej Bahadur

vi. Drass, one of the coldest inhabited places on earth is located in _________

a) China b) Egypt c) Ladakh d) Sudan

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