CBSE Class 7 Social Science Sample Paper Set G

CBSE Class 7 Social Science Sample Paper Set G. It’s always recommended to practice as many CBSE sample papers as possible before the examinations. The latest sample papers have been designed as per the latest blue prints, syllabus and examination trends. Sample papers should be practiced in examination condition at home or school and also show it to your teachers for checking or compare with the answers provided. Students can download the sample papers in pdf format free and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for latest sample papers.

1 “You made us low caste, why don’t you face that fact, Great Lord?...”Identify the marathi saint who composed this hymn.

Ans: Chokhemela


2 1. I was announced as the best automobile brand in India for the year2014. Who am I?

2. Ans:Maruti Suzuki

3 3. Who won the best Abby award for the year 2014 for Best use of branded content?

4. Ans:Asian paints

4 5. Recall the name of the product from this tagline,”Daag acche hain”

6. Ans:Surf

7. After the 16th December 2012 inhuman incident that took place in Delhi a law was passed by

S C verma ,former Chief Justice of India, in 2013 for women protection . Name the law.

8. Ans:Criminal Law(amendment ) Act 2013

9. “Women are the real architects of the society”, and to honour them international women day is celebrated. On what day it is celebrated?

10. Ans:8th march

7 Name the world’s highest roadway.

Ans:Manali – leh highway

8 What percent of ocean water and fresh water is found on the earth’s surface?

Ans: ocean water- 97.3% ; fresh water-2.7%

9 . Identify the type of farming being practiced in the picture and name any one tropical region where it is practiced.

Ans: Terrace farming . Ganga Brahmaputra basin

10 The English emerged as the most successful commercial and political powers in the seventeenth century in the sub continent. In this reference answer the following question:

a) Name the countries forming East India Company.

Ans: English, Dutch and French formed EIC

b) List the goods which were in demand in Europe and West Asia. How did it affect the Indian craftsperson?

Ans: The demand for goods like textile and spices expanded the trade relation. This period saw the decline of Indian craftsmen as now they began to work on a system of advances which meant they had to weave cloth which was already promised to European agents as per their designs and patterns.

11 Discuss the contribution of Sant Tulsidas and Surdas in the development of new religions in north India?

Ans: Tulsidas and Surdas accepted existing beliefs and practices but wanted to make them accessible to all.

Tulsidas composed Ramcharitra manas written in the local language of eastern Uttar Pradesh , i.e Awadhi which expressed the devotion to Lord Rama.

Surdas was ardent follower of Krishna and he composed sur sagar, sursaravalli and sahitya lahiri to express his devotion.

12 Recall the three overlapping groups that existed in the states of 18th century.

Ans: • States that were old Mughal provinces like awadh, Bengal and Hyderabad were powerful and independent, the rulers of these states did not break ties with Mughals.

•  States that enjoyed considerable independence under the Mughals as watan jagirs. These included Rajput principalities.

•  States under the control of Marathas , Sikhs and other like the Jats had seized their.


CBSE Class 7 Social Science Sample Paper Set G

a) Look at the picture and recognize this invader.

Ans: Nadir Shah

b) How do the contemporary observers describe him.Nadir Shah, the Iranian ruler.

Ans: Contemporary observers describe him as the main contributor in devastation Delhi He looted the wealth of Delhi from the Mughal treasury. He also took the famous Peacock throne. The new city Shahjanabad was ruined by him.

14 Why is it so that SC and ST girls leave school at a higher rate?

Ans: There are several reasons why children from Dalit, Adivasi and Muslim communities leave school.

• In many parts of the country, especially in rural and poor areas, there may not even be proper schools or teachers who teach on a regular basis.

• If a school is not close to people’s homes, and there is no transport like buses or vans, parents may not be willing to send their girls to school.

• Many families are too poor and unable to bear the cost of educating all their children. Boys may get preference in this situation.

15 Advertisement are important part our social life. Analyze the statement.

Ans: We watch advertisements, discuss them and often judge people according to the brands they use.

Using branded products is a style statement and largely effect our mindset. Mothers who are unable to use branded soap start feeling that they are not giving their children best care. It influence the ways in which we value a person.

16 What is advertising. State any two of its objectives.

Ans: Publicly presenting or describing a product or sevices means advertising.

The objectivs are:-

• To inform- purpose is to inform the consumer about the availability of a certain product or services

• To persuade- the advertisers try to convince the people in many ways for patronizing their products and services.

CBSE Class 7 Social Science Sample Paper Set G

18 Explain how chain of market is formed. Can you think of any one benefit of this market system?

Ans: The connecting link between producer and consumer is traders.

The wholesale trader first buy the goods in bulk. These will then be sold to other traders. The trader who finally sells goods to consumer is the retailer.

Benefit: each outlet in the chain offers its own specialised services and charges are reflected in the price of goods.


Producers are at a gain as they are not interested in selling goods in small quantities

19 Draw a neat label diagram of neap tide and also explain about its occurrence.

Ans: When the moon is in its first and last quarter, the ocean waters get drawn in diagonally opposite directions by the gravitational pull of sun and earth resulting in low tides. These tides are called neap tides.

20 Distinguish between permanent and temporary settlement by giving three points of difference.

             permanent                                         Temporary

Settlements which are occupied for a        Settlements where the people build

short time are called temporary               homes to live in are called permanent

settlements.                                              settlement

Settlements where the people build

Mostly they are pucca houses                 They can either be kutcha or a pucca houses

They practice hunting, gathering,            They practice secondary or tertiary activities

shifting cultivation and transhumance.

21 Highlight at least three features to explain the physiography and climatic conditions in Ganga – Brahamputra basin.

Ans: the main features are:

•  The plains of the Ganga and the Brahmaputra, the mountains and the foothills of the Himalayas and the Sundarbans delta are the main features of this basin.

•  The area is dominated by monsoon climate.

• The monsoon brings rains from mid-June to mid-September.

The summers are hot and the winters cool.

22 a. It lies on the delta of the Krisna river

b. English and dutch wanted to establish settlement here as it beame the important port on the Andhra Pradesh

c. Dutch

d. It is a small town but populous, unwalled, ill built and worse situated; within all the springs are brackish

23 • Worship of one God

• Insisted caste, gender or creed is irrelevant for liberation

• He used nam, dan and isnan to preach

•Preached about equality

24 a. Enlist any three causes for the downfall of Mughal empire

Ans: Causes:

• Weak successors:- aurangzeb’s successors were weak. Under the efficiency and effectiveness of the imperial administration it almost broke down

• Depleted resources: the military and financial resources had considerably depleted by fighting a long war in Deccan. Aurangzeb also died here.

• Powerful mansabdars: mansabdari system that prevailed since Akbar’s time had grown outdated, Mansabdars became very powerful.

** other causes are also accepted.

b. How did Saadat Khan try to decrease the Mughal influence in the Awadh region?

Ans: By reducing the number office holders. He also reduced the size of jagirs and appointed his own loyal servants to vacant positions..the accounts of jagirdars were checked to prevent cheating and revenue from all districts were reassessed.


CBSE Class 7 Social Science Sample Paper Set G

a. What are dowry deaths?

Ans: the young brides being murdered by their in –laws or husbands, greedy for more dowry.

Why do the parents give dowry?

Ans: to ensure happiness and security to the girl

c. State any three ways to raise voice against this practice.

Ans: Campaigning: well organized action for seeking some change Raising awareness:- girls shouls should be aware of their rights and should not tolerate any form of injustices.

Protesting- going on mass protestation on streets to make their voices heard by the authorities.

26 “Buying and selling can take place without going to a market place” Analyse the statement by giving an example.

Ans: This statement is true at present scenario of new trend of marketing Anyone can place an order for variety of things through the following ways:

•Teleshopping: they advertise the products through electronic media

• Internet shopping: service is available on online credit cards.

Outsourcing services: foreign tourist can get in touch with leading hotels, hospitals, masdsage parlours etc through internet services.

27 a. Water cycle

i- Evaporation; ii- condensation; iii- transpiration; iv- precipitation; v- surface run off

b. Evaporation- vaporization of a liquid into a gaseous phase is evaporation; condensationconversion of a vapour or gas to a liquid; precipitation-is any form of water liquid or solid falling from s

28 The most commonly used means of transport especially for short distances are roads.

a. State any three features of roadways.

Ans: Features:- Roadways can be metalled (pucca) and unmetalled (kutcha) / The plains have a dense network of roads. /Roads have also been build in terrains like deserts, forests and even high mountains. Roads built underground are called subways/under paths. /Flyovers are built over raised structures

b. Name the places that are connected by Golden Quadrilateral.

Ans: Delhi , Mumbai, Chennai,Kolkata

c. Mention about any latest development that has significantly contributed to the

roadways of India

Ans: Expressways

29 a. Outline the characteristic features of the life of the people of the rainforest.

a. Ans: People grow most of their food in small areas after clearing some trees in the forest. While men hunt and fish along the rivers, women take care of the crops. They mainly grow People can then return to it and start cultivating it again. tapioca, pineapple and sweet potato. As hunting and fishing are uncertain it is the women who keep their families alive by feeding them the vegetables they grow. They practice “slash and burn agriculture”.

The rainforests provide a lot of wood for the houses.

Some families live in thatched houses shaped like

beehives. There are other large apartment-like houses

called “Maloca” with a steeply slanting roof

b. Give any two reasons for fast depletion of Rainforest of the Amazon basin

Ans: The developmental activities are leading to the gradual destruction of the biologically diverse rainforests. It is estimated that a large area of the rainforest has been disappearing annually in the Amazon basin. The topsoil is washed away as the rain fall and the lush forest turns into a barren landscape.

30 On a political map of India shade the region indicating the emergence of new states and communities during the 18th century:

Bengal, Hyderabad and Sikhs

31 On the same political map of India locate the following:

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