CBSE Class 4 English Sample Paper Set O

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CBSE Class 4 English Sample Paper Set O. It’s always recommended to practice as mane sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.



Read the following passage carefully and then answer the questions that follow:

Rainwater harvesting

We often face a shortage of water, especially during the summer season.

This happens because of the following reasons.

There is less rain.

Water in the rivers dry up.

All living things need more water during summers.

To solve the problem of water shortage, we can store water (rain water) and use it later. This method is called rain water harvesting. People keep a big container, a drum or a tank in which rainwater is collected. The rainwater is filtered and is used later. These days many people make homes and factories which have a facility for rain water harvesting.

A.1 Answer the following.

a) Give two reasons of shortage of water during the summers. (2)

i) _____________________________________________________

ii) _____________________________________________________

A.2 Fill in the blanks. (2)

a) Rain water can be _____________ (stored/wasted) and used later.

b) The rainwater is _____________ (filtered/unfiltered) and used.

A.3 Tick the correct answer. (3)

a) We often face a shortage of water in –

i) winter season ii) summer season

b) In order to store the rainwater people use –

i) a big container ii) a well

c) Rainwater harvesting is a method to store –

i) water from rivers ii) rain water

A.4 True or False. (Write T for True or F for False) (3)

i) Rain water harvesting will increase the problem of water shortage.

ii) All living beings need more water during summer.

iii) Rainwater can be harvested in factories also. 

B.2 Write a paragraph on any one of the following:

A Gardener OR A visit to a Dentist

B.2 Write a paragraph on any one of the following:

A Gardener OR A visit to a Dentist



C1 a) Fill in the blanks with ‘a’, ‘an’ or ‘the’. (1)

i) _____ last chapter of this book is very difficult.

ii) The Principal left her office _____ hour ago.

iii) The horse is _____ useful animal.

iv) He lost _____ eye in the war.

b) Tick () the correct options. (½)

i) In which city were the first / first Olympics held?

ii) Apples / The apples are good for health.

C4 a) Rewrite the sentence changing the underlined noun from singular to plural. The girl dresses well.


(1) b) Rewrite the sentence changing the underlined noun from plural to singular.

The washermen wash the clothes.


C.6 a) Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs given in the bracket. (½)

i) I _________________ the newspaper daily (read)

ii) He _________________ eggs in breakfast. (eat)

b) Fill in the blanks with the past tense form of the verbs given in the bracket. (½)

The judges ______________ my painting and ______________ me the first prize. (like, give)

c) Fill in the blanks with present continuous tense of the verbs given in the bracket. (1)

Manan ______________________ (build) a sandcastle and Ria ______________________ (help) him.

C.7 a) Fill in the blanks with is / am / are. (1)

i) It ____________ an empty jug.

ii) All the trains ____________ late.

iii) I ____________ your friend.

iv) Today the sun ____________ very bright.

C.12 Fill in the blanks with correct interjections. (1)

i) _______________ ! a wonderful hit.

ii) _______________ ! how are you?

iii) _______________ ! the baby is asleep.

iv) _______________ ! I have won the first prize.

C.13 a) Fill in the blanks with suitable words. (½)

i) An eagle can ____________ high in the sky. (soar, sore)

ii) She booked a ____________ on the train from Delhi to Lucknow. (birth, berth)

b) Write the synonyms of the following words. (½)

i) brave ____________ ii) complete ____________

c) Make antonyms by adding un-, in-, im-, or dis- to these words. (1)

i) ____ justice ii) ____ possible

iii) ____ obey iv) ____ tidy



D1 Write the meanings of the following words and frame sentences using them. (Any 4) (4×1=4)

i) queer :_____________________________________________

Sentence :_____________________________________________

ii) tiresome :_____________________________________________

Sentence :_____________________________________________

iii) risk :_____________________________________________

Sentence :_____________________________________________

iv) horrid :_____________________________________________

Sentence :_____________________________________________

v) clipping :_____________________________________________

Sentence :_____________________________________________

vi) approached :_____________________________________________

Sentence :_____________________________________________

vii) offended :_____________________________________________

Sentence :_____________________________________________

viii) cross :_____________________________________________

Sentence :_____________________________________________

D2 State whether the following statements are True or False. (1)

a) Karl and his cousin wanted to go shooting on a winter night. _______

b) Wai-Choy wrote the exam with a pen. _______

c) Gran was cutting off all the roses. _______

d) Karl fired the first shot. _______

D6 Do as directed.

a) Make a meaningful sentence using the help words given in the bracket.

Anirban is deaf and mute. (not hear / speak) (1)

b) Give one word for the following phrases. (½)

i) come to a place. __________________.

ii) the fine powder found in flowers __________________.

c) Rewrite the sentences correctly. (½)

i) The old woman was pleased with Fanny’s behaviour.

ii) Two of my friend have computers at home.

d) Make suitable offer in this situation by using ‘Let me.....’. (1)

You see your friend coughing while she is eating. Offer to go and get some water for her.

e) Make useful suggestion in this situation using “Let’s”..... (1) to a friend who wants to discuss homework with you

f) Write the opposites of the following words. (1)

i) unusual ______________ ii) far ______________

iii) happy ______________ iv) win ______________

g) Complete these sentences in an interesting way by comparing the act described in the sentence with something else. (1)

i) The balloon burst, and all the tiny bits of multicoloured paper came down like ______________________________________________

ii) She slipped and came rolling down the stairs like ______________

h) Rewrite the sentences in a more natural way using ‘There is ...’ or ‘There are ....’. (1)

i) A bookshop is there just outside the school.


ii) Three CDs are there in my bag.


j) Fill in the blanks with a – ‘less form’ of the words underlined in the sentences given below. (½)

i) My dog does no harm to anyone. It is a ______________creature.

ii) I have no hope of doing well in Maths. It is _____________ for me.

k) Join the sentences using (2)

i) Ashish is friendly. His father is friendly.

ii) The bedroom is cool. The living room is cool.

l) Give one word for the following group of words. (½)

i) a place that is safe _______________________________________

ii) a time when there is no violence ____________________________

m) Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: (2)

Bachendri replied, ‘Yes, the biggest risk in life is not to take risks. If you want to achieve something, you have to take risks. No pain, no gain !’

i) Do you think Bachendri was fearless and risk – taking ?

(yes / no) (Tick the correct option)

ii) We should be ____________________ like Bachendri.

a) courageous b) shy. (Choose the correct option)

ACTIVITY - i) JAM Activity (5)

ii) Newspaper Reading. (5) 

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