CBSE Class IV Mathematics

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The Class 4 Mathematics students may be provided opportunities in pairs/groups/ individually and encouraged to —

- Explore and write multiplication facts through various ways like skip counting, extending patterns, etc. For example, for developing multiplication table of 3, children could use either skip counting or repetitive addition or pattern expand the two digit number and multiply, e.g., 23 multiplied by 6 could be solved as follows: 23×6 = (20+3) ×6 = 20×6+3 ×6 120+18 = 138

- Solve and create daily life problems using multiplication like, if a pen costs Rs. 35 what will be the cost of 7 pens?

- Discuss and evolve standard algorithm for multiplication.

- Make groups for division, create contextual questions based on mathematical statements, e.g., the statement, 25 – 10 =15 may trigger different questions from different students. A student may create: “I had 25 apples. Ten were eaten. How many apples are still left?”

- Create contextual problem through group activity such as dividing the class in two groups where one group  solves the problem given by the other group by using different operations and the vice-versa. to discuss and corelate fractional numbers like half, one fourth, three fourths with daily life

- Represent the fractional numbers through activities related to pictures/paper folding draw circles with various lengths of radius, compasses and explores various designs with the shape.

- Discuss observation on tiling (of different shapes) which they see in their homes/ on footpaths / floors of various buildings. You can test this by doing Worksheets for class 4 Mathematics

- Make their own tiles and verify whether the tiles they created tessellate or not

- Look at various objects in the classroom from different viewpoints and make a deep drawing of the view. For example, a glass may look differently from the front. Questions like, ‘But how it would look like from the top?’ Or ‘how it would look like from below?’ may be raised

- Convert rupees into paisa, e.g., how may 50 paisa coins you will get in exchange of 20 rupees

- Make bills so that the students while making bills will use the four operations of addition/subtraction/ multiplication/ division

- Estimate the length of an object/ distance first and then verify them by actually measuring them. For example, estimating the length of their bed or distance between the school gate and the classroom and verifying it by measuring them make a balance and weigh things with standard weights. In case standard weights are not available, packages with standard weights may be used like packets of ½ kg dal, 200 gm pack of salt, 100 gm pack of biscuits

- Class 4 Maths students Innovate use of weights like using two 250 gm packets instead of 500gm packet (or by using stones of equivalent weights, etc.)

- Make their own measuring vessel to measure capacities of other vessels. For example, a bottle may have capacity for 200 ml and can be used as a measurement unit to know the amount of water in a jug or in a container. You should also download Free Sample Papers for Class 4 Mathematics.

- Observe and study the calendar and come up with the number of weeks in a month/ in a year. Let children explore the pattern in the number of days in each month and how days are associated with dates in a month, etc.

- Utilize their experiences inside/outside the class having exposure to telling time/ reading clock in hours and minutes, along with peers

- As per class 4 maths syllabus issued by NCERT you should discover the time lapsed in an event by counting forward or using subtraction/ addition

- Explore patterns/ designs in their environment (using shapes and numbers) and make such patterns and extend them, and off course you can try to do some free online mock tests for class 4 maths

- Collect information and draw meaningful results in their daily life. Using these experiences, the children may be involved in activities focusing on data handling

- Read data/bar graphs, etc., from newspapers/magazines and interpret them.