CBSE Class 4 English Sample Paper Set L

CBSE Class 4 English Sample Paper Set L. It’s always recommended to practice as mane sample papers as possible before the examinations. Students can download the sample papers and also question papers of previous years to practice and score better marks in examinations. Refer to other links too for more sample papers.



Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow.

Mary Franklin was aged two when an illness took away her sight and hearing. Since she was deaf, she also lost the ability to speak, for we learn to speak by imitating what we hear .So as a child she lived in a dark and silent world. At first it seemed impossible that she would ever understand others or to be understood by them. Hers was thus a very lonely world. She was helped by a wonderful teacher called Miss Clarinda. She was blind but was fortunate to recover her sight after an operation. Miss Clarinda volunteered to help Mary and taught her to speak, read and write. Mary, later, went to a university and even gained a degree. She then spent the rest of her life working to help the blind and the deaf.

A1) Answer the following questions:

a) How did Mary Franklin lose her sight and hearing?

b) Why was Mary a lonely child?

A2) Fill in the blanks with the suitable words from the passage.

a)Hearing is connected with ears , just as sight is connected with the--------

b)Mary Franklin was helped by a wonderful teacher called---------

A3) Tick the correct option.

a) Mary Franklin was aged (two/three) when an illness took away her sight and hearing.

b) She was helped by a wonderful (friend/teacher).

A4) Give a suitable heading to the passage.

A5) Which word in the passage means “Someone who is lucky”?

A6) Which word in the passage means “without noisy”?

A7) Use the phrase “after an operation” in a sentence of your own.



B1. Write a paragraph on any one of the following:

a) My Grandmother b) My Hobby

B2. Write an application to the Principal of your school for grant of five days leave.


Write a letter to a friend who has met with an accident.

B3. The sentences below tell the story but they are given in the wrong order. Write the sentences in the proper order to make it a readable story.

a) When the donkey did not agree, the fox quietly slipped away and hid behind a tree.

b) He came to the field and thrashed the donkey.

c) One day, while walking across a field, the donkey said to the fox,”I have a very sweet voice. Shall I sing for you?”

d) A fox and a donkey met each other and became good friends.

e) The fox said, “Your song will disturb the farmer. He will come and beat us”.

f) As the donkey began to sing, the farmer got up and ran towards the field with a stick in his hand.

CBSE Class 4 English Sample Paper Set L

C1. Write each set of words in alphabetical order.

a) stamp stairs stage start

b) cherry cheek cheat chess

C2. Rewrite the following group of words as sentences.

a) was kind a gentle Cinderalla and girl

b) sisters mean her were lazy and

C3. Write “S” for statement, “Q” for

a) Walk carefully. ----

b) The baby is feeling cold.-----

c) How old are you? -----

C4. Make the following sentences negative.

a) Neelu can run fast.

b) She had a beautiful dress.

C5. Make the following sentences interrogative:

a) They have seen the Taj.

b) The sound was clear.

C6. I) Underline the Subject in the following

a) Fruits and vegetables protect us from diseases

b) Wash your hands.

II) Supply the Subject in the following sentences.

a) ----------- is the capital of Chhattisgar

b) ---------- is pleasant today.

III) Supply the predicate in the following.

a) A year----------------

b) The forest----------------

C7. Underline the nouns in the following sentences.

a) Sheep gives us wool.

b) A bat looks like a mouse with wings.

C8. Underline the nouns in the following sentences and arrange them in proper columns.

a) Both Diwali and Christmas will be on Sunday.

b) The ant is a hard-working insect.

COMMON NOUN                        PROPER NOUN



C9. Fill in the blanks with suitable COLLECTIVE NOUNS given below.

litter choir army string swarm

a) I am happy to get selected in my school -------------

b) Rohan has ----------- of puppies.

c) A strong ----------- of soldiers was sent to the front.

d) A----------of bees flew out of the hive.

e) There is a beautiful ------ of pearls lying in the showcase.

C10. Write “C” for COUNTABLE and “U” for UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS.

a) Food-----

b) Honey-----

c) Cup-----

d) Gold----

e) Ring----

f) Mango-----

C11. Rewrite the following sentences changing the nouns in bold into their plural form.

a) Lady and gentleman, please take your seat.

b) The class welcomed the hero of the match.

C12. Underline the NOUNS in the following sentences and arrange them in proper columns.

a) May I have your pen, Ma’am?

b) The tiger and the tigress are sleeping under a tree.

c) John is lazy.

d) Good students respect their teachers.

MASCULINE               FEMININE              COMMON              NEUTER





C13. Insert apostrophe (‘) wherever it is needed.

a) Grandmothers advice

b) These ladies purses

c) Principals orders

d) The foxes tails

C14. I) Underline the adjectives in the following sentences.

a) Always drink pure water.

b) Haridwar is a holy city.

C14.II) Write ADJECTIVES to describe the persons.

a) A person who mixes up with others.------------------------------

b) A person who does not like to do any work-------------------------

C15. Fill in the blanks with suitable degrees of comparison


a) Heavy ------------------- -----------------------

b) ---------------- fatter fattest

c) ------------------- ----------------- luckiest

C16. Fill in the blanks with “a”or “an”.

a) The ant is ------ insect. It is ------ hard-working insect.

b) He lost ----- right eye in the war.



D1. Write the meanings of the following words and frame sentences using them. (any 4)

a) Suspicious----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

b) Battered---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

c) Barged into------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

d) Vivid-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

e) Drugstore----------------------------------------------------------------------

f) Numb-----------------------------------------------------------------------------

D2. Complete the following sentences:

a) The two young men tied up the man and the woman in the house because -----------

b) He found his hometown by---------------------------

D3. State ‘T’ or ‘F’

a) As he was leaving the Emperor’s room, the doctor dropped some tea-leaves into the Emperor’s bath water on purpose. ( )

b) When the bird asked for more bubblegum on the second day the girl was annoyed. ( )

D4. Tick the correct answer.

The chemist was not very happy to see Tess at the shop because

a) he did not like Tess interrupting his conversation with his brother.----

b) he did not like children.-----

c) he did not like the sad look on Tess’s face.------

D5. Answer the following questions (Attempt any 7)

Q1) How are millionaires, presidents and kings like ordinary people?

Q2) How did the family reward Pizzo for his timely help?

Q3) Why did the writer find it difficult to recognize his mother?

Q4) Why did the Emperor ask for the cup of hot water?

Q5) What is the main message of the poem “Every day Things”?

Q6) Why did the Emperor call the doctor in one morning?

Q7) What lesson did Pizzo learn from the incident?

Q8) What did the bird do with the bubblegum?

Q9. ‘That smells wonderful…….’ said the Emperor. What does ‘that’ refer to?

Q10. When he reached, at first he was disappointed. Why?

D6. Do as directed.

a. Use ‘can’ and make meaningful sentences about the following animals.

i) Dolphin ______ hold its breath no longer than seven minutes.

ii) Penguins______live in very cold climate.

b. Fill in the blanks with ‘because’ or ‘so’

i) I was tired.------ I went to bed early.

ii) I turned the fan on-------it was very warm.

c. Give one word for the following.

i) Something you cannot believe--------

ii) Something you cannot count---------------

d. Fill in the blanks with ‘ei/ie/e/ea’

i) gr ------t

ii) h------ght

iii) ch----------w

iv) bel------ve

e. Find the correct spelling in each row and underline it.

i) countre contree counter

ii) exitement exceitment excitement

f. Write ADJECTIVAL PHRASES for the following.

i) A shirt that has been ironed neatly. ----------------------

ii) A bicycle that has been oiled well. -------------------------

g. Fill in the blanks in these sentences by using “some, any, no”

i) I want ------ more rice, please.

ii) Buy me ------milk and bread, would you?

D7.In your life, you were lucky sometimes and unlucky some other times. When were you lucky and when were you unlucky? (Fill in this table)

You were lucky                                                          You were unlucky





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