CBSE Class 10 English Revision Worksheet Set M

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CBSE Class 10 English Worksheet - Revision (6)

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I . Complete the following passage by choosing the most appropriate option from the ones given below.

Like many Indian children , I grew up (a) _____ the vast ,varied and fascinating tales of Mahabharata. Set (b) _____ the end of what the Hindu scriptures term Dvapur Yuga or the third age of the man a time (c)_____ the lives of the gods and the people still intersected , the epic weaves myth, history, religion, science and statecraft (d)______ stories.

(a) (i ) saying (ii) listening to (iii) questioning (iv) celebrating

(b) (i) by (ii) at (iii) from (iv) into

(c) (i) where (ii) from (iii) when (iv) before

(d) (i) as (ii) in (iii) through (iv) into

II . Complete the following dialogue by choosing the correct options.

Ray : I (a)_______________ four of my friends to dinner today.

Rina : Then I (b) ________________ my friends also.

Ray : (c) ___________________ a good idea.

Rina : So, (d) ________________________ for dinner?

Ray : Let us decide the menu now.

(a) am inviting / will invite / have invited / shall invite

(b) am to invite / may invite / could invite / will invite

(c) That will be / This may be / This should be / That must be

(d) what should we have / what can we have / what may we have /what might we have

III . Complete the following sentences by choosing the most appropriate options .

We never (a)__________________ within the next moment. The future is totally (b) ________and no one can read it.However , (c )_______________after reading some books on astrology most predictions about weather (d)________________even though there may be some correctness.

(a)1.guess what is 2.hope what is

3.hope what lies 4.know what may happen

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