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Question- Write an article (150-200 words) for the school magazine on "Compulsory Physical Education -Need of the hour". You are Samar/ Sakshi of Little Angels School, Pune.
Answer -
Compulsory Physical Education - Need of the hour
                                                                             - By Samar
In this fast moving age even childhood is put at stake. Kids have no time for physical activities as they are either busy in their home works, playing on their gaming consoles from the comfort of their couches or sitting before the idiot boxes to ruin their physical health. In such a time, it becomes mandatory to introduce an element of coercion in physical education. Participation in sport promotes health. The effect on self-esteem and well-being as a product of sport can only be experienced by certain children if forced by their schools to first participate.Encouraging physical activity in the young through compulsory Physical education fights child obesity and contributes to forming lifelong habits of exercise. Physical education helps to forge character and the mutual respect required to succeed in an adult environment. Playing team sports builds character and encourages students to work with others, as they would be expected to do in most business or sporting environments. Sport teaches children how to win and lose with good grace and builds a strong school spirit through competition with other institutions. It is invaluable to imbue with children the delicate balance between a competitive rivalry that encourages effort and, on the other hand, losing the fairness and respect required to enjoy sport. It is often the experience of playing on a team together which builds the strongest friendships at school, which endure for years afterwards. Compulsory physical education is the only means by which all children can be forced to appreciate such advantages.

Question- You are Vikranth / Vinitha, a freelance writer much concerned about the discriminatory treatment of women in the Indian society. Write an article in 150 - 200 words throwing light on this problem and giving suggestions for putting an end to it.
Answer -
                                                - By Vikrant
It is a pity that in a country where women are said to be worshipped, there is a widespread discrimination against them even before they are born and injustice meted out to them in such a male chauvinistic world vary in many degrees.
Certain brutal practices like the female feticide throw light on our attitude. The girl child is considered to be a liability and doesn't enjoy the privileges of a boy. She is denied the advantage of proper education. The dowry system haunts parents and the harassment she is subjected to at the in-laws often force her to commit suicide. Even in enlightened homes, woman has to live her life under surveillance, if not in strict 'purdah'. Working women are physically and verbally abused, denied opportunities of growth and subjected to discrimination.
The social evils like dowry system, honour killing, human trafficking , societal dogmas etc. take great toll on women, be it daughter, mother, sister , wife, grandmother.
Education and economic independence only can empower women to fight for their rights. It is also the responsibility of the educated society to work for the cause of women. Proper law making and execution, spreading awareness , exemplary punishment for the predators etc.surely will bring positive changes. Let she not be worshipped but let her live a wholesome life. Let us live, let her live and let us help her live for a better developed society.
Question- Nation Without Barriers is an organisation which promotes national unity and communal harmony.It has invited entries for an article writing competition on the topic "Meaning of Communal Harmony". You have Hemantika Singh of Class XII of Bal Bharathi Public School. Write the article as your entry for the competition.
Answer -
India is one of the oldest civilisations in the world with a Kaleidoscopic diversity and rich cultural heritage. It has achieved multifaceted socio-economic progress during the last 50 years of its independence.
 But then this is not the true picture. We have created an unhealthy atmosphere by mixing caste and creed and the partitions and revolts we've had.What difference does it make? Writing articles, conducting debates, talk shows and tea summits might give us city people something new to talk about but it would make on different whatsoever to any Kashmiri living in a remote corner of Kashmir breathing in an air filled with terror,surrounded by gunshots and overtaken by the fear of getting killed at any moment or would it quench the thirst of those hundreds of terrorists who are waiting like hungry vultures to destroy innocent lives.Does all this media and political hype in any context do us "people" any good; the answer in a big No.
I know that it is not easy to achieve all the brotherhood needed overnight but don't you think we could all start afresh ?
After all drop-by-drop the ocean is filled. Why do we sit in front of the television sets like drug addicts, because we want to be involved, because we want to 'know' and because we want to help but clearly we all know that out contribution towards the betterment of out society is zilch.
Question- In monsoon season, outbreak of malaria and dengue is quite common. Your science teacher has asked you to write an article for the school magazine on the topic "The Killer Disease - Dengue" Write the article in about 200 words.
Answer -
Dengue is one of the most deadly diseases found in India. It is a communicable disease and cancause an epidemic.
Dengue fever spreads due to the mosquitoes in stagnant water found in places like water coolers and roadsides. Mosquitoes breed in this stagnant water. When these mosquitoes bite people, the fever may lead to dengue.
Dengue generally begins with one person and then spreads rapidly in the whole locality.If a person is down with dengue fever he should immediately contact a doctor so that the fever can be prevented from spreading at the right time. Dengue fever if not treated properly and at the right time can even be fatal. We can prevent the outbreak of dengue by taking some measures. Water in the coolers should not be allowed to stagnate for long and must be changed regularly. One or two spoons of kerosene can be put stagnant water so that mosquitoes cannot breed in it. Water should not be allowed to stagnate outside the house. One should wear clothes that cover the arms and legs both and insecticides should be sprayed regularly. To prevent mosquito bites, mosquito repellents and mosquito nets at night should be used.If a person finds any mosquito-breeding place, in his locality or in nearby places, he should immediately contant the municipal corporation so that they will take appropriate measures to eliminate them.
Even after taking these precautions, if one catches the disease, he should be taken to the doctor immediately and should be treated properly. Remember 'Prevention is better than cure. 'Prevention of Dengue is as much in the hands of the people as in the hands of the municipality.
                                                                                                                                  (Aishwarya Singh)



Women walk long distances to fetch water in certain parts of the country. There is not only scarcity of water but water in most places is also contaminated. Using the hints given below together with your own ideas, write an article in about 125 words on the scarcity of clean drinking water, suggesting ways to improve the situation.

  1. Scarcity of clean drinking water
  2. Women travel long distances in certain areas like Rajasthan and Gujrat to fetch water
  3. Contamination of water
  4. Linking rivers
  5. Awareness of clean drinking water habits
  6. Water harvesting/water conservation

Water: Lifeline of life

By: XYZ, Class X

Water is the biggest crisis facing India in terms of spread and severity. With 20% of the world’s population, India must meet its water needs with just five percent of the globe’s available supply. The situation has reached the nadir because of dwindling water-supply, rapidly rising population and changing lifestyles.

Groundwater, which is the main source of drinking water, has been heavily overused. Moreover, it is polluted due to overuse of pesticides and chemicals in agriculture. River water, too, is contaminated and rendered unfit for drinking, due to discharge of effluents from industry and domestic sewage.

To provide permanent relief against water woes, the government must prepare a concrete plan of action. Awareness drives to educate users about water use should be carried on. Rain water, a free source of nearly pure water, must be harvested. The bitter irony is that large swathes of the east and northeast are flooded annually, killing hundreds and displacing millions, but schemes to link- rivers that would relocate the water to where it is needed the most have remained only on paper. These schemes should be implemented without delay.

Only a healthy nation can make a headway and it is imperative to make every serious effort to make its citizens healthy and fit. This can only be possible if a concerted effort is made with gravity.



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