CBSE Class 10 English A Christmas Carol Worksheet

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CBSE Class 10 English Worksheet - A Christmas Carol

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Read the extracts given below and answer the multiple

choice questions based on them:

1. Gentleman : Most of them would rather die than do


Scrooge : Then let them do that and help decrease

the surplus population.

A) ‘They’ here refers to ______________.

a) the young singers

b) the poor and the homeless

c) the Cratchit family members

d) Fred and his family members

B) Scrooge suggests them to _______________.

a) go to the prisons and the work houses

b) either go to the establishments or die

c) help the government deal with the population


d) kill others to control population

C) Scrooge appears to be very _____________ here.

a) kind-hearted and concerned

b) rude, callous, cruel and indifferent

c) responsible and sympathetic

d) sympathetic and indifferent

2. Marley : It is then doomed to wander through the


Scrooge : You are chained, Jacob. Tell me why?

A) ‘It’ here refers to ______________.

a) Marley’s ghost

b) Scrooge’s spirit

c) the spirit

d) the first of the three spirits

B) It has to wander through the world when ________.

a) a person does not donate money

b) it is chained

c) it should no longer exist

d) a person does not perform kind deeds and charity in

his life time.

C) ‘Jacob’ here is _______who is chained as _______.

a) a business associate of Scrooge, he has done a fraud

b) a friend of Scrooge, he has not met with people

c) one of the three spirits, it is to reform Scrooge

d) the spirit of a business associate of Scrooge, he has

not done anything to help people.

3. I tremble at going with you. I fear what I am to see.

A) Scrooge is afraid to go with _____________.

a) the First Ghost

b) the Second Ghost

c) the Third Ghost

d) the Ghost of Jacob Marley

B) Scrooge is afraid to see the shadows to come before

him as ______________.

a) the spirit showing these is frightening

b) these may be unhappy and unpleasant

c) these may frighten him to his death

d) he is afraid of losing his last chance to escape his


C) The Ghost shows Scrooge _____________.

a) Tiny Tim’s death

b) Scrooge’s death

c) Fred’s death

d) Jacob Marley’s death

Answer the following questions:

1. ‘Is the pattern strange to you?’ Why does the Ghost

of Jacob Marley ask Scrooge this? (30-40 words)

2. Why does Belle decline to marry Scrooge? (30-40


3. What made Scrooge adopt the role of a second father

to Tim? What did he do for Tim and why? (100 words)

4. You are Tim. You have got rid of your physical

deformity due to the timely help of Mr. Scrooge. You

feel grateful to him. Express your feelings for him in a

letter to him in about 175 words.

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