CBSE Class 10 English Revision Worksheet Set I

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CBSE Class 10 English Worksheet - Revision (2)

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Q1. Choose the correct option and complete the following.

Yesterday I ______ (talk/was talking/am talking/will talk) to my friend. I’m fond of her ______

(because/yet/and/but) she worries too much _______ (of/against/for/about) her health. ______ (those/these/this/that) days she is suffering from constant headaches. I told her about a new medicine that I ______ (hear/had heared/have heared/heard) of from my doctor. She said she ______ (could/cant/would/can) try it, so that she may get relief from her headaches.

Q2. In the passage given below, one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and after.

Our earth is getting hotter the day. ______

This phenomenon called global warming ______

During last several years temperature ______

of earth has gradually increasing ______

Do you know our earth is getting hot? ______

What are the reasons that? ______



Q1. The following passage has not been edited. There is an error in each line. Write the incorrect word and correct in the blanks given below.

There is much wind energy ______ ______

available on the moment on ______ ______

a earth’s surface than plant biomass energy. ______ ______

This is better news, for wind is available in ______ ______

plenty. Most of this wind energy should be ______ ______

found at high altitudes there continuous wind ______ ______

speeds of over 160 km/h is occurring. ______ ______

Q2. Rearrange them into meaningful sentences.

a. India/tradition/has a glorious/ of education

b. great reservoirs/were considered/ India’s ancient universities/ of knowledge

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