CBSE Class 11 Fine Arts Seated Buddha Worksheet

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Worksheet for Class 11 Other Subjects Fine Arts Seated Buddha

Class 11 Other Subjects students should refer to the following printable worksheet in Pdf for Fine Arts Seated Buddha in Grade 11. This test paper with questions and solutions for Standard 11 Other Subjects will be very useful for tests and exams and help you to score better marks

Fine Arts Seated Buddha Class 11 Other Subjects Worksheet Pdf

SEATED BUDDHA (Gupta Period, Sarnath Style)
Place: Sarnath
Medium: Stone
Circa: 5th Century A.D.
CBSE Class 11 Fine Arts Seated Buddha Worksheet 1
• This image of seated Buddha has been found in Sarnath,which belongs to Gupta period.
• Made in Chunar sandstone.
• Seated in Padmasana on a throne on depicting a chakra.
• Style of hand and fingers represents Dharma Chakra Pravarthana mudra. It placed just below the chest.
• The panel below the throne depicted his disciples worshipping the image of Buddha.
• This is the representation of the historical event of Dharma Chakra Pravarthana or the preaching of the Dharma.
• This image is the finest examples of the Sarnath School of Sculpture.
• The body of the image is well proportioned but slightly elongated.
• Legs are expanded in order to create visual balance in the picture space.
• Drapery clings to the body and is transparent to create the effect of integrated volume.
• The face is round, eyes are half closed. Lower lip is projecting from the base.
• Roundness cheeks have reduced than Mathura style.
• The neck is slightly elongated with two incised lines indicating folds.
• The Ushnisha has circular curled hair.
• The back of the throne is largely decorated with different motifs of flowers and creepers in a circle. The central part of the halo is plane.
Aesthetic Aspects:

Kushan Period, Mathura Style)
Place: Mathura U.P.
Medium: Red Spotted Sandstone
Circa: 3rd Century A.D.
CBSE Class 11 Fine Arts Seated Buddha Worksheet 2
• Mathura, an ancient city and second capital of Kushanas was famous for making sculptures in purely Indian style.
• A large number of images have been found in Kushana period.
• The sculpture of Buddha from Katra Mound belongs to 3rd century A.D.
• It represents the Buddha with two Bodhisatva attendants.
• The Buddha was shown seated in Padmasana (cross folded-legs).
• Right hand is in the Abhaya Mudra, raised a little above the shoulder and the left hand is placed on the left thigh.
• The hair knot is shown with a vertically raised projection. That is called Ushnisha.
• The shoulders are broad. The Shangati (garment) covers only one shoulder but the hand has been left visible.
• The Buddha is seated on a lion throne.
• The attendant figures are identified as Padmapani and Vajrapani Bodhisattvas and one holds a Lotus and the other one Vajra. They wear crowns.
• The halo is very large – decorated with simple geometrical motifs.
• Two flying figures are also placed diagonally above the halo.
• The face of Buddha is round with fleshy cheeks.
• The belly is sculpted with controlled musculature.
Aesthetic Aspects:

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