NCERT Class 12 New Age Graphics Design Role Of Design In Society

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Role Of Design In Society Class 12 Graphics Design NCERT

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Role Of Design In Society NCERT Class 12

The way we understand design and the role of a designer in the contemporary society is an outcome of industrial revolution which led to mechanisation of the workforce through the use of machinery. The design as a specialised field of activity has evolved over a period of time. However, apart from its industrial role we now discuss design within the ambit of cultural, social and economic phenomena where the designer plays a significant role.
Therefore, design could be understood as a form of human intervention to make our surroundings more hospitable–the denominators of which are arbitrary and change from context to context.
To look at the world from the point of view of a graphic designer, we can develop a visual metaphor for our world within which a graphic designer operates. Since it’s a visual metaphor one sees the world made up of dots, lines, shapes, spaces and so on. As humans we occupy space – physical, mental and virtual. All our interactions take place within these spaces, be it institutional, natural, cultural, sacred, public or private.
Designers experience space not as a mere canvas, but as a dynamic entity waiting to be creatively filled. As a heterogeneous entity already layered with concepts, ideas and formulations that is central to the idea of ‘creativity’— urban/ rural, ritualistic/secular, utopian/heterotrophic, public or the private.
So a space is always creative and so to say “designed”. And we as occupants of that space are always subjected to those designs. We as individual or groups or as members of the society are the occupants of this space as well as users of these designs. Design is everywhere. It is around us in various forms such as zebra crossings, barricades, road signs, rituals, and so on. Design, in the contemporary society is all pervasive, an omnipresent phenomenon. We easily associate design with popular media of correspondence like advertisements, various forms of entertainments, TV serials, pamphlets, posters, signage, and hoardings.

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